Why you might need to remove your breast implants?

Have you had a breast augmentation with implants in the past, but are considering having them removed? If so, you may be able to benefit from breast implant removal with Dr. Azouz. Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons is dedicated to providing the best natural-looking and beautiful results to each of our patients. With many breast implants banned in the United States or recalled by the FDA, many patients are turning to plastic surgeons to remove their breast implants and capsules. 

Why Breast Implant Removal?

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Breast implants that have been present for many years can have silent leaks, ruptures, and capsules.  Dr. Azouz often finds leaked and free-floating silicone which causes severe capsules and scar tissue.  Capsular contracture, can be painful or distort the look of the breast.

Breast implants can be removed through a variety of incision lines and in combination with many other plastic surgery procedures including breast lifts, liposuction, and in conjunction with a tummy tuck.

Breast implant removal:

During this procedure, incisions can be created in the same places they were during breast implant surgery, to reduce the need to create more scarring.  A total capsulectomy is routinely performed at the same time as the implants are removed.  If a lift is performed in conjunction with breast implant removal, a separate incision may or may not be necessary.

Breast implant removal with a breast lift:

If desired, a breast lift can be performed at the same time as your breast implant removal. This can help to lift your breasts to a perkier position. The areolas can also be resized to fit your new, smaller breast shape.

How do you prevent sag after breast implant removal?

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Breast implant removal with a lift is the best way to prevent sag after a breast implant removal.  Many patients elect to have liposuction of the lateral breast (side boob) and/or the axilla (armpit fat) at the same time as their breast implant removal.

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For more information regarding breast implant removal, please contact Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas, TX today to schedule a consultation with Dr. David Azouz or Dr. Solomon Azouz. You can also fill out an online contact form for a prompt reply or call at 972 702 8888.

Breast Implant Removal and lift: Restore your breast after pregnancy

Mothers who have had breast augmentation before having babies may experience sagging breasts, volume breast loss, uneven breasts, drooping nipples, or stretched areolas after pregnancy. If your breasts are suffering from the aftermath of pregnancy, breast implant removal and lift can help you to restore your breast, enhance your figure, and feel confident in your own body. 

No woman’s body is equal to others. Patients after pregnancy need to have a tailored surgical treatment to achieve the body they desire post-pregnancy. Dallas Dr. Azouz’s board-certified plastic surgeon has helped mothers look their best after undergoing breast surgical procedures. Request a consultation and explore your options by calling 972 702 8888.

Best plastic surgical procedures to enhance your breast after pregnancy

Women know that pregnancy and post-partum can take a toll on a woman’s body. When you expect a baby, your breast will start changing in ways you probably didn’t imagine. Following childbearing, women might start feeling unattractive due to so many changes their body has suffered. Fortunately, plastic surgery has helped many women to recover attractive breasts after pregnancy. 

The most popular breast surgeries performed among moms are:

Breast Implant Removal with lift:

Breast Implant Removal has become very popular in new moms. Many women opt to remove their implants for motherhood. When this is the case, patients have the option to remove their implants and have a lift to get rid of excessive skin and achieve a fresher breast appearance. 

Breast Implant Removal and replacement:

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, women might experience unsatisfaction with their current implants since they do not deliver the same results as before pregnancy. Women can undergo breast implant removal and have their old implants removed and replaced with new ones that better fit their needs.

Breast Implant Removal with areola reduction:

Stretching of the breast happens during pregnancy and breastfeeding, this can also affect the size of the areola. Women who are not happy with a bigger areola decide to have both surgeries and restore their breasts and areola.

How to choose the best doctor for Breast Implant Removal with lift?

Dr. Azouz, an expert in reconstructive surgery in Dallas, has vast experience removing saline and silicone breast implants and guiding moms with the best surgical procedures to enhance their natural beauty. Dr. Azouz is a highly skilled breast implant removal plastic surgeon, and his techniques have built him a strong reputation in the plastic surgery field. Moms in the Dallas area turn to him when looking for a practical and aesthetic solution to their beauty needs.

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After pregnancy, breasts never come back to the shape they had before you had a baby. If you had breast augmentation before getting pregnant and are not satisfied with the condition of your breast after childbearing or breastfeeding, request a consultation with Dr. Azouz to explore all the options that plastic surgery can offer to you. Call 972 702 8888 to book your in-person consultation in Dallas or contact us to arrange a virtual meeting if needed.

Saline and Silicone Breast Implant Removal

In some cases, patients might be advised to remove either their saline or silicone breast implants due to health and cosmetic concerns. Both saline and silicone breast implants may need to be replaced as they can leak and rupture over time. Patients need to learn about the signs to identify a possible implant rupture in case it happens.  If a leak or rupture in your breast implants occurs Dr. Azouz suggests having your saline or silicone implants removed. If this is your case, arrange an initial consultation with Dr. Azouz in Dallas by calling 972 702 8888.

Signs to consider Saline or Silicone implant removal

Saline or Silicone implant rupture signs are completely different, understanding how these devices behave in case of rupture, patients can act as quickly as possible and look for medical assistance.

Saline Rupture

When a saline implant has ruptured, it will start to deflate and the saline will be reabsorbed by the body. The affected breast will experience a change in shape and size. The saline leak can happen at once or it can take a few days.  This can leave you with a deflated misshapen breast.

Silicone Rupture

It is common that a silicone rupture goes unnoticed. Once the silicone implant breaks the silicone gel will remain inside the implant or leak into the surrounding tissue. Silicone Rupture is known as a silent rupture since many patients do not realize that their silicone implant has ruptured. However, over time some patients report pain and/or tenderness in the breast.

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Maintenance

After a breast augmentation, Dallas board-certified Dr. Azouz, encourages you to keep all of your future appointments for an annual physical exam of your implants. During your annual exam, Dr. Azouz will determine if you need imaging such as an MRI to check the integrity of your implants or if he suggests removal of your breast implants. 

What are my surgical combination options with Implant Removal?

After saline or silicone implant removal, the breasts do not come back to the original condition and this can lead to an unwanted cosmetic result, such as sagging, deflation, or asymmetry. Although some women choose just to have their implants removed others would like to undergo combination surgeries to recreate full breasts. The most common combination surgeries are implant removal with a breast lift and implant removal with implant replacement. During your consultation with Dr. Azouz, he will review all of your surgical options and create a surgical plan to meet your specific aesthetic goals. 

How to pick the best plastic surgeon for breast implant removal?

When choosing the plastic surgeon to perform your implant removal surgery there are a few questions you should ask.

– Is the plastic surgeon board certified? At Azouz Plastic Surgery plastic surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

– How often does the surgeon perform this surgery? Dr. Azouz performs this surgery multiple times a week. 

– How many years of experience does the plastic surgeon have? Dr. Azouz has over 35 years of experience. 

– Does the surgeon operate at an accredited facility? Dr. Azouz has privileges at multiple accredited facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. 

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Breast implants technology has made them last a long time; however, cracks can happen over time to anyone. If you suspect having a breast implant rupture, schedule now an explant removal consultation with Dr. Azouz in Dallas by calling 972 702 8888. 

Options After Breast Implant Removal in Dallas

Breast Implant Removal in Dallas is a cosmetic plastic surgery for those women who would like to refresh their breast’s appearance or remove their implants due to an implant rupture or normal wear and tear. Depending on the case and aesthetic goals, women have different options to choose from when undergoing breast implant removal. Find out more about your plastic surgery options tailored to your personal case by arranging an initial consultation with Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz by calling 972 702 8888.

Breast Implant removal options

By understanding the different breast implant removal options, you can decide what surgical technique might help achieve your aesthetic goals.

1. Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

In some cases, patients need to explant their breast implants due to health concerns and replace them due to a rupture or normal wear and tear. Other reasons to remove and replace breast implants are when lifestyle or preferences have changed.  This can lead women to decide to change their implants for smaller or bigger implants.  Some women have pain or discomfort with silicone implants and wish to change them for saline implants.  Other women are uncomfortable having textured implants in place and desire them to be removed and replaced with smooth non-textured implants. 

2. Breast Implant Removal with Lift

Some patients remove their implants and do not replace them with new ones. In this case, women have the option to undergo a breast implant with a lift. After removing your implants, a breast lift is performed to avoid droopy breasts. With this technique, excess skin is removed, and the remaining tissue is tightened, achieving a more youthful look.  A breast lift can take the form of a mini lift (with minimal scarring), a lollipop (with a circumareolar and a vertical component), or an anchor lift (wise pattern).  Moving the nipple and areola complex with a lift is called a “mastopexy”.

Breast Implant Removal

3. Breast Implant Removal with Fat Transfer

Women looking for a natural breast appearance might undergo breast implant removal to remove capsules from their breast pockets. Patients can retouch their breasts with fat transfer after a few months or at the same time as removal.

4. Removal of textured breast implants

Textured implants have been recalled by the FDA.  Even though the FDA does not recommend explanting implants that are in place in the absence of symptoms or a rupture, some women still desire removal of these implants.

How to select the best plastic surgeon to perform your breast implant removal?

Selecting the right plastic surgeon is important.  It is important to look for an American Board Certified Plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast implant removal.  Dr. Azouz is an American Board-certified plastic surgeon who routinely performs breast implant removal with enhanced recovery.  Dr. Azouz strives for the best recovery by avoiding the placement of drains, minimizing pain, discomfort and nausea after surgery with an enhanced recovery protocol. 

Breast Implant Removal in Dallas

Breast Implant Removal in Dallas is an excellent alternative for patients who want to undergo plastic surgery with a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon, such as Board-Certified Dr. Azouz. At the initial consultation, Dr. Azouz will perform a physical examination, determine which surgical technique is the best to help you enhance your breast area, and address all your Breast Implant Removal questions regarding what to expect before, during, and after surgery.  Dr. Azouz strives to afford his patients the best experience and results possible in their breast implant removal journey. 

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To learn more about what Breast Implant Removal option suits you best, schedule a consultation with Dr. Azouz in Dallas by calling 972 702 8888. Dr. Azouz is also available for virtual consultations for those patients living out of the DFW area. Contact Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic surgery to book your appointment now!

Breast Implant Rupture

What is Breast Implant Rupture?

A breast implant rupture can occur in both saline and silicone implants. While extremely durable, breast implants have a small risk that the shell will develop a hole over time. A little known fact is that both saline implants and silicone implants have a silicone shell. The bid difference in a saline versus a silicone rupture is not the broken shell but what leaks out.

In the older style of silicone implants, silicone would leak out like syrup. With newer cohesive gel implants the silicone leaks out like a gummy bear.

With saline implants, saline will leak out over a few days or hours. It is much easier to know if a saline implant has broken or is leaking as compared to a silicone implant.

Regardless of the type of implant, when a rupture occurs, women may start to see changes in the contour and shape of their breast. In some cases, a broken or ruptured implant can cause pain or discomfort in other cases a rupture is not even noticed. A sudden busted implant is possible but uncommon.

Breast implant rupture symptoms

Patients who has a breast implant rupture have reported the following symptoms:

  • Deflated implants
  • Change in implants shape
  • Hard lumps over the implants
  • Burning sensation
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Sudden sagging of the skin of breast
  • Change in the position of the nipple
  • Swelling in the armpits or swollen lymph nodes (adenopathy)

Breast Implant rupture removal

To avoid further complications, ruptured breast implants need to be removed as they can potentially lead to health problems in the future. Depending on the patient aesthetic goals, there are a few surgical breast implant removal options which include:

  • Implant removal
  • Implant removal with a breast lift
  • Implant removal with breast augmentation (implant exchange)

Benefits of Breast Implant Rupture Removal

Women who undergo breast implant rupture removal surgery often report that there is an improvement to their overall health. There is also an improvement to the feminine figure as the ruptured implants can become deflated and start to look unnatural.

Combination of a Breast Implant Rupture removal with other plastic surgeries

There are many other plastic and cosmetic surgeries that Dr. Azouz can combine with your breast implant rupture removal and/or replacement. Some of these combination surgeries include:

  • Brow lift
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Otoplasty (ear surgery)
  • Facelift
  • Brachioplasty
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Azouz

Before undergoing breast augmentation or breast implant exchange, it is important that patients discuss with a board-certified plastic surgeon the type of implant that will be used for breast augmentation to compare the benefits and compromises of each type of implant. If you are worried about a possible breast implant rupture, schedule an appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz in Dallas by calling 972 702 8888. At the consultation, Dr. Azouz will evaluate your case and guide you through the process to make sure your implants are in good standing.

What is Breast Implant Illness?

Breast implants are one of the most studied biomedical devices. Breast implants maintain a high safety profile. Dallas plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Azouz explains that a small subset of patients who have had breast implants in the past can report symptoms of Breast implant illness. Breast implant illness is also known as BII refers to a cluster of symptoms that can occur after undergoing a breast augmentation.  Symptoms of breast implant illness can occur soon after surgery or many years after surgery. Breast implant illness has been reported in patients with both silicone and saline implants.

What causes breast implant illness?

The exact cause to suffer from breast implant illness is not known; however, some patients might be predisposed to having an immune reaction to the materials used to elaborate implants causing them to feel different symptoms of discomfort. Breast implant illness is also more common in patients who have had a breast implant rupture or had older breast implants placed that were not cohesive gel (gummy bear implants). There is also a variety of breast implants that were taken off the market including textured implants, PIP implants (Poly Implant Prothèse), CEREFORM implants and others for which patients are more likely to experience problems.

What are the symptoms of Breast Implant Illness?

  • The Breast Implant Illness symptoms include:
  • Hair loss
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Memory changes
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Rashes
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Dry eyes and mouth

Breast Implant Illness treatment

If you are experiencing breast implant illness symptoms, the treatment often recommended by Dr Azouz. is removing your breast implants. Many patients have reported that they feel a difference in their overall health within the first few months of their implant removal surgery. Patients usually have the choice of breast implant removal alone or breast implant removal and replacement.

Considering Breast Implant removal?

During your consultation, plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz evaluates your physical condition and examines your breast implants. Dr. Azouz also encourages performing a comprehensive history and exam to rule out other things that might be causing discomfort or pain before considering breast implant removal. If the patient is in good health and still wants breast implant removal, Dr. Azouz provides different surgical options to patients to help maintain some of the breast’s fullness without the implants. The aesthetic results will vary depending on which surgical plan the patient decided is the best option for his/her goals.

Contact Dr. Azouz to evaluate your case

Dallas plastic surgeon is happy to help patients who suffer from breast implant illness and is able to assist patients through in person or virtual consulations. Scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your case is mandatory. Contact Dr. Azouz office in Dallas by calling 972 702 8888 and take the first step to recover your health.