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Slim woman in white bikini after body liposuction. Slim woman in white bikini after body liposuction.

Are you carrying excess fat around your midsection? Does it extend all the way around from your abdomen to your love handles, including your hips? If that sounds like you, you may be a good candidate for Lipo 360 – liposuction that goes a full circle (360 degrees) around your midsection.

Unlike traditional liposuction, which only targets one area of the body during a procedure, Lipo 360 addresses multiple areas at once, saving you procedure and recovery time. Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery offers Lipo 360 in Dallas TX.

What is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 specifically addresses the complete midsection, from front to back. It is not the same as full-body liposuction, and does not treat other areas of stubborn fat, such as the arms, thighs or calves. Although it does not target the entire body, Lipo 360 targets several of the most troublesome spots with one procedure. The benefits of Lipo 360 are:

  • Complete shaping of the midsection in one procedure
  • Unified appearance and more even contouring
  • Fewer transition areas
  • Wholistic approach by one surgeon leads to better aesthetic outcomes

Like traditional liposuction, removal of excess fat can result in loose skin, which will need to be tightened. Dr. Azouz can give you his professional opinion of the likelihood of loose skin and how to treat it during your consultation.

Dallas, TX Lipo 360

Thousands of patients undergo Lipo 360 every year, and it has an excellent safety record. No procedure is ever risk-free, and minimizing risk starts with selecting a highly-skilled surgeon.

Dr. Azouz of Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is an innovator of liposuction techniques and equipment. He is ranked one of the best surgeons in Texas and is fellowship trained, board certified and has received multiple awards from his peers. He is one of the most sought-after surgeons in Dallas, welcoming patients from across the United States and many other countries. His development of the “Azouz Liposuction Cannula” has refined liposuction procedures. Book your appointment for Lipo 360 today with Dallas’ in-demand liposuction surgeon.

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