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man with surgery lines marked in his nose | Nasal Reconstruction

Your nose is one of the most likely facial structures to be injured during an accident. Fractures, cartilage collapse, deviated septum and cosmetic changes are frequent outcomes of such injuries. Nose injuries are very painful and internal damage can be more significant than it appears from the outside. While some nasal trauma is clear evidence of a compromised internal structure, others are only recognized later as cartilage disintegrates or breathing problems occur. Following emergency medical care, contacting Dr. Azouz right away can minimize functional and cosmetic damage with nasal reconstruction surgery.

Older Nose Trauma Repair Surgery

Do you have older nose trauma that is impacting your quality of life? Dr. Azouz can perform nasal reconstruction surgery on pre-existing injuries to restore cosmetic appearance and proper function. You may have broken your nose and had it set in an emergency department without examination of the internal structures. This is a common cause of compromised cartilage and can lead to a deviated septum or nasal bridge collapse. In severe cases, you can develop saddle nose deformity.

Nasal reconstructive surgery is more complex than typical rhinoplasty. Your nose is mostly made of cartilage, and although it is strong and flexible, it does not repair itself the way other tissues do. This type of reconstructive surgery requires rebuilding and reinforcing the underlying structural framework of the nose. To do this, cartilage from another area of your body is grafted onto existing structures and stents are used as support. Dr. Azouz then reshapes this new structure to create a stable and beautiful nose that is natural-looking and balanced to your facial features.

Dallas, TX Nasal Reconstruction

Nasal reconstruction can be a life-changing procedure, restoring facial features to their natural state and improving breathing and sinus issues. While Dr. Azouz performs a thorough examination and creates a treatment plan, he will listen to your concerns and aesthetic desires. Combining his technical skill and artistry, he achieves stunning results and improved quality of life.

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