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Skin growths fall under many different categories and can occur at any age and anywhere on the body. While some types of growths are a serious health concern, others are benign – but this does not mean they do not pose a problem. If a growth appears in a highly visible area, it can make you self-conscious or anxious. Even if not visible, some growths develop in areas where they interfere with proper functioning of the body. They can also cause pain if they protrude or chafe against surrounding skin or clothing. Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery provides skin growth removal for these conditions:

Scarring is a frequently mentioned patient concern, second only to worries about the type of the skin growth they have. Dr. Azouz is a board certified and fellowship trained plastic surgeon with decades of experience achieving natural results with minimized scarring. It is important for your health that you do not let the fear of scarring keep you from having a skin growth diagnosed and removed.

Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX

Skin growths can be scary when they first appear, and bothersome if they have been diagnosed as benign but not removed. All skin growths require an expert plastic surgeon for the most effective technique with the least invasive procedure. This ensures complete skin growth removal while minimizing any subsequent scarring. Many types of skin growths will grow back if not properly removed, while others can bleed profusely if they are not removed in the right way. Complete removal is absolutely necessary for skin cancers, many of which are highly treatable if they are caught early and prevented from spreading.

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery serves the surrounding areas, including Frisco, Allen, Richardson, Irving, Highland Park and Plano. As one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in Texas, Dr. Azouz welcomes patients from across the United States and around the world. Fellowship trained and board certified, he is the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at Medical City Dallas. His surgical precision and technical artistry provide superior results even in very difficult cases.

If you have a skin growth interfering with your self-esteem or day-to-day life, contact Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery about skin growth and lesion removal.

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