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Physical differences involving the ears can be difficult to cope with. In many cases, they are hard to hide, even if you have long hair. Ear reshaping surgery can correct these issues and provide you with a pleasing ear shape. Ear reshaping can fix congenital ear deformities and ear disfigurement due to a traumatic injury. The goal of surgery is achieving an ear that is aesthetically similar to the general population, without obvious scarring or the appearance of “having work done.”

Correcting Ear Shape in Children and Adults

Depending on the deformity or disfigurement, Dr. Azouz can treat children and adults requiring ear reshaping. Sometimes children need to reach a certain age before surgery can be performed, and Dr. Azouz’s expertise will help you determine the best time for the procedure. Ear reshaping surgery can be performed for a variety of deformities, including:

  • Cauliflower Ear
  • Lop-Ear
  • Folded Ear
  • Constricted Ear
  • Stahls Ear (Spock Ear)
  • Enlarged Ear
  • Ear Asymmetry

Dr. Azouz can also perform ear reconstruction for:

  • Post Traumatic Ear Loss
  • Microtia

Dr. Azouz provides a thorough assessment of your ears and will explain what is required during surgery. He will carefully reshape ear cartilage into the desired shape and reposition the ears, so they appear balanced and proportionate to the rest of the face. For extensive reconstruction, Dr. Azouz takes great care to pair aesthetic concerns with functionality, ensuring the best outcomes for appearance and hearing.

Ear Pinning and Reshaping Surgery

When your ears protrude from the sides of your head, they can appear to be overly large or asymmetrical, and cause low self-esteem. Ear reshaping surgery can decrease size differences and make the ears less prominent. Any unusual shapes or other ear concerns can usually be addressed during a single surgery.

Although ear-pinning is a relatively common procedure, it is still important to seek the most qualified and skilled plastic surgeon to ensure you get the results you want. Fellowship trained and board certified, Dr. Azouz’s ear reshaping surgery can restore your self-confidence and protect your hearing. Contact the office today for your consultation.

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