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Nasal Fractures Dallas, TX Nasal Fractures Dallas, TX

A nasal fracture, also called a broken nose, is a common form of facial trauma. Frequently resulting from car accidents and contact sports, it can also be caused by less intense activities. Walking into a door or window, striking yourself in the face with the handle of a rake or shovel and other accidents can easily break this delicate area. No matter how it is broken, nasal fractures are extremely painful and can damage the internal structures of the nose as well as change its appearance. Dr. Azouz of Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery offers nasal fracture repair in Dallas.

Splinting a Broken Nose May Not Be Enough

A nasal fracture usually refers to a complete break or crack in the bone covering the bridge of your nose. Trauma to your nose that results in a fracture is often fixed with a splint or left to heal on its own. In both cases, the internal damage may not be appropriately corrected. The damage can lead to cosmetic and functional problems.

The inside of your nose contains your septum. It separates your nostrils and is what gives shape to the bridge of your nose. While cartilage is flexible, once it is damaged, it does not easily repair itself. With a severe broken nose, it is usually easy to see that the cartilage will require repair. However, with mild-to-moderate nasal fractures, the internal injuries may not be apparent until after the fracture is healed. Along with cosmetic problems, such as a crooked or asymmetrical nose, you may end up with a deviated septum. This results in difficulty breathing, chronic sinus problems, sleep apnea and other issues.

Dallas Nasal Fracture Repair

Dr. Azouz is Dallas’ premier and highly sought-after plastic surgeon. With his passion for beautiful and natural results, you can expect individualized care unique to your facial structure and features. As a fellowship trained and board certified plastic surgeon, he combines technical skill with artistry for beautiful results.

After breaking your nose, it is important to see a plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Surgical repair can be performed before the nose heals incorrectly, preventing both the cosmetic and functional problems. When you suffer facial trauma, seek medical attention right away. If you have broken your nose, contact Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation and proper nasal fracture repair.

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