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internal bra surgery with GalaFLEX mesh

What is an internal bra?

An internal bra, also known as the GalaFLEX™ Mesh internal bra, is a ground-breaking surgical method that offers vital support to breast tissue during reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery. It works as a scaffold, supporting the breast tissue and ensuring long-term structural integrity. Dr. Solomon Azouz is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Dallas with expertise in GalaFLEX™ Mesh internal bra surgery. An internal bra can improve “bottoming out” of the breast implant over time to increase upper pole fullness.

GalaFLEX Mesh internal bra

How does the GalaFLEX™ Mesh work?

The GalaFLEX™ Mesh is a cutting-edge product made of bioresorbable, biocompatible poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB). This mesh is precisely placed during breast surgery to act as an internal bra, strengthening and raising the breast tissue. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  1. Implantation: In order to achieve the desired lift and contour, Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz strategically places the GalaFLEX™ Mesh beneath the skin and breast tissue, offering customized support.
  2. Tissue Integration: As the body gradually absorbs the GalaFLEX™ Mesh, it naturally blends with the patient’s tissue over time, giving the breasts a durable internal support system.

GalaFLEX internal bra surgery

Who is a candidate for the GalaFLEX™ internal bra surgery?

A variety of candidates can benefit from the GalaFLEX™ Mesh internal bra procedure, including women who have saggy breasts or loose skin and are interested in breast surgery for long-lasting support and better breast form. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz assesses each patient individually to determine their eligibility for the GalaFLEX™ internal bra.

What are the benefits of a GalaFLEX™ Internal Bra?

There are many benefits to the GalaFLEX™ Mesh internal bra, including:

  • Long-Term Support: It saves breast tissue from drooping by giving it long-lasting structural support.
  • Natural Look and Feel: The GalaFLEX™ Mesh gives a natural breast look and feel.
  • Improved Surgical Outcomes: It helps result in improved breast surgery aesthetics.
  • Reduced Revision Rates: Most patients have fewer problems and require less revision surgery.

breast surgery with GalaFLEX internal bra

What procedures can be performed with the GalaFLEX™ Internal Bra Surgery?

GalaFLEX™ Internal Bra surgery can be performed with various cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures to improve outcomes and provide long-term support. Here are further details about the surgeries that can be performed using the GalaFLEX™ Internal Bra, as well as the techniques used by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz:

  • Breast Augmentation: Also known as a “boob job,” breast augmentation involves the use of implants to increase breast size and form. Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz uses the GalaFLEX™ Mesh to offer structural support around the implants. This process assures not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting results, decreasing the likelihood of drooping with time.
  • Breast Lift (Mastopexy): A breast lift is a surgical procedure used to raise and contour sagging or drooping breasts caused by factors such as pregnancy, aging, or weight fluctuations. Dr. Azouz creates an internal bra-like support system with GalaFLEX™ Mesh. This added support helps in maintaining the newly raised breast position and the procedure’s cosmetic results.
  • Breast Reconstruction: Breast reconstruction is often performed after a mastectomy or trauma to restore the look of the breast. The GalaFLEX™ Internal Bra is used in breast reconstruction to create a solid foundation for the newly repaired breast. It assists in maintaining breast shape, symmetry, and support during the recovery period.
  • Breast reduction: Galaflex internal bra enhances the results of breast reduction surgery by improving breast shape and structural support. In order to give the newly sculpted breasts the necessary support, Dr. Azouz can carefully position the Galaflex Mesh as an internal bra after the breast reduction procedure. This can reduce the chance of gradual sagging and the overall aesthetic and functional results of a breast reduction.

Dr. Azouz’s primary approach in these surgeries is the exact implantation of the GalaFLEX™ Mesh as an interior support system. The mesh is precisely positioned to support and retain the shape of the breasts, prevent the risk of drooping, and contribute to long-lasting, natural-looking outcomes.

It is important to note that the treatment and precise technique employed may vary depending on the patient’s unique anatomy and desired outcome. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz offers a thorough evaluation and consultation to establish the best method for each individual, assuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

What is the anesthesia for internal bra surgery?

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz uses a combination of local anesthesia and sedation for GalaFLEX™ internal bra surgery. This avoids the need for general anesthesia and ensures the patient’s comfort throughout the procedure.

What are the risks of surgery?

As with any surgical operation, there are certain inherent risks associated with GalaFLEX™ internal bra surgery, including infection, scars, and uncommon complications. However, during the consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz will thoroughly explain these risks to patients to ensure they are well-informed.

What is the recovery from GalaFLEX™ Mesh internal bra surgery?

Recovery after GalaFLEX™ internal bra surgery is a monitored process to promote optimal recovery and long-term outcomes. Patients should expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the days following surgery. It is critical to follow the individualized post-operative advice offered by Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz, such as wearing a supportive bra, avoiding vigorous activity, and attending follow-up appointments. Most patients can eventually resume their routine activities once any acute discomfort goes away. GalaFLEX™ Mesh has the unique capacity to provide prolonged internal support, which contributes to a more durable outcome. Achieving a natural and aesthetically acceptable breast contour can take a couple of weeks, therefore patients should be diligent during this healing phase as the internal bra continues to integrate with their tissue.

What procedures can be combined with the GalaFLEX™ internal bra surgery?

GalaFLEX™ internal bra surgery can be combined with a variety of other cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction, tummy tucks, or facelifts, according to the patient’s desires.

internal bra surgery with GalaFLEX Mesh

What is the cost of the GalaFLEX™ internal bra surgery?

The cost of GalaFLEX™ internal bra surgery varies depending on specific factors and the surgical procedures performed. During your consultation, Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz will provide specific price information after determining a personalized plan for your surgery.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Azouz:

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