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breast implant rupture repair surgery | Dallas, TX

Breast implants have provided countless women with enhanced self-confidence and body image over the years. However, like any medical device, breast implants are not invincible and may occasionally rupture. A breast implant rupture is a condition in which the implant’s outer shell develops a tear or hole, causing the filling material to leak out. If you are experiencing a breast implant rupture, rest assured that there is a solution: breast explant surgery. Dr. Azouz, a renowned plastic surgeon in Dallas, offers advanced techniques to restore your implants and provide you with peace of mind.

What is a Breast Implant Rupture?

A breast implant rupture refers to the breakage or tearing of the implant’s outer shell, leading to the leakage of its filling material. Implant ruptures can occur due to various factors, including aging, implant trauma, and natural wear and tear. While saline implant ruptures are typically noticeable as the breast size reduces noticeably, silicone gel implant ruptures may be less evident and require imaging tests to confirm.

Silicone vs Saline Breast Implant Rupture

breast implant rupture | burst breast implantThe detection and potential consequences of silicone and saline breast implant ruptures differ significantly. The rupture of a saline implant is often immediately noticeable as the sterile saltwater solution leaks out, causing a noticeable deflation of the affected breast. This prompts immediate action, allowing the implant to be removed and replaced as soon as possible. Silicone gel implant ruptures, on the other hand, may be less visible because the cohesive gel can remain within the implant pocket or migrate to surrounding tissues. This can make detecting a silicone implant rupture more difficult, frequently necessitating imaging tests such as an MRI to confirm the rupture. While both types of ruptures require medical attention, the ease with which they can be identified and managed varies, emphasizing the importance of regular check-ups and consultations with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz.

Risks of Breast Implant Ruptures

Breast implant ruptures can pose certain risks to your health and appearance. These include the potential for inflammation, breast asymmetry, pain, discomfort, and changes in breast shape. Additionally, silicone gel leakage can migrate to surrounding tissues, potentially leading to complications such as breast implant illness.

Candidates for Surgery

Patients experiencing breast implant ruptures are ideal candidates for breast implant rupture repair surgery. Additionally, those with capsular contracture, a condition where scar tissue forms around the implant, causing pain and distortion, can also benefit from this procedure. To determine your candidacy, consult with Dr. Azouz, who will assess your medical history and conduct a thorough examination.

capsular contracutre | burst breast implantBenefits of Surgery

Undergoing breast implant rupture repair surgery offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Restored Breast Aesthetics: The procedure helps regain the natural shape and volume of your breasts, promoting a more symmetrical and youthful appearance.
  • Improved Comfort: Surgery can alleviate pain and discomfort caused by ruptured implants and capsular contracture.
  • Boosted Self-Confidence: Repairing breast implants can enhance your self-esteem and body image, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident in your skin.

Procedure for Breast Explant

Breast implant rupture repair surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Azouz will make an incision either along the original scar or in an inconspicuous location to access the affected implant. He will then remove the ruptured implant and thoroughly clean the area. Depending on the situation, the patient may choose to replace the ruptured implant with a new one or opt for breast explant surgery. The surgery concludes with the incisions being carefully closed.

Anesthesia Used During Surgery

Dr. Azouz uses sedation and local anesthesia to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure. During your pre-op consultation, he will talk about the best anesthesia option for you.

Risks of Surgery

While breast implant rupture repair surgery is generally safe, it is critical to be aware of potential risks and complications. These may include infection, bleeding, scarring, anesthetic reactions, and the possibility of future implant ruptures. Dr. Azouz uses precise techniques to minimize the risks.

Recovery After Surgery

Patients may experience mild discomfort and swelling after the procedure, which can be managed with pain medications and rest. Dr. Azouz will give you post-operative instructions to make sure you recover quickly. Patients should refrain from strenuous activities and attend scheduled post-operative appointments to ensure proper healing.

Surgeries that Can Be Combined with a breast implant rupture repair surgery

During your consultation with Dr. Azouz, you may discuss combining breast implant rupture
repair surgery with other cosmetic procedures such as a breast lift, breast implant removal and replacement, or tummy tuck to achieve comprehensive aesthetic goals and optimal results.

Breast explant surgery is a safe and effective way to improve your breast appearance and confidence. Consider consulting Dr. Azouz in Dallas if you have a breast implant rupture or capsular contracture for expert advice and personalized care. Call the office at (972) 702-8888 to schedule your consultation today.

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