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handsome transgender teenager tearing the word female into male in gender identity

Gender-affirming surgery is not simply about changing the physical body. At Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, we understand that gender surgery relieves the distress caused by feeling as though you are in the wrong body, and how important it is to align how you look with who you are. Dr. Azouz performs transgender top surgery in Dallas, Texas.

Top surgery is the most commonly requested gender-affirming procedure, although it may not be the only one you ultimately undergo. Your choice of what plastic surgery procedure you wish to undertake is personal, and any procedure is an investment in yourself. It is well-documented that top surgery helps transgender individuals live comfortably in their own skin, improves self-esteem and decreases social anxiety.

Dallas Transgender Plastic Surgeon

Meeting with your plastic surgeon can bring feelings of relief and apprehension. This is a normal response when considering any surgical procedure, and Dr. Azouz and his clinic staff have a welcoming and inclusive office. Dr. Azouz approaches top surgery with understanding, compassion and respect, treating you as the whole person that you are. With decades of experience, he understands how tightly our identities are tied to our bodies and how top surgery will empower you throughout your life.

At your consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your concerns, and Dr. Azouz will take the time to understand your needs and aesthetic preferences. Your chest will be examined to determine the best type of surgery to achieve your goals and the most natural outcome. Dr. Azouz takes great care to ensure your comfort during the examination and will explain what he is doing and what he believes is the best treatment plan for you.

Trust Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Azouz is the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at Medical City Dallas. He is fellowship trained and board certified, with multiple awards and peer recognition for his innovative techniques, tools and outstanding results. He welcomes patients from around the world, offering services in English, Spanish and French. His team can make the process easier by helping you navigate financing and directing you to comfortable and affordable accommodations near where your surgery will take place.

If you are ready for top surgery, contact Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery and schedule a consultation for this life-changing, gender-affirming procedure.

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