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How each person’s face changes with age is determined by a combination of genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors. Even so, the way an individual ages is not symmetrical. Some people may show signs of aging in the eye area first, with heavy eyelids or lowered eyebrows. For others, the neck area gives away their age long before any facial features begin to change. However, along with the neck, the lower face is often the area causing the greatest dissatisfaction. Lower facelift surgery, also called the “mini-lift,” can transform the lower face and restore a youthful vitality.

How a Mini-Lift Can Help the Lower Face

As we age, the muscles of the face gradually slacken, and gravity pulls them downward. Normal collagen loss also creates loose skin, which follows the new contours of the muscles. This overall sagging is often most noticeable in the lower face, appearing as deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines, droopy cheeks and jowls. These areas are targeted by the mini-lift. This creates a firmer, defined appearance of the jawline and cheeks, while minimizing the folds. It provides for a natural-looking correction without any harsh or severe changes indicating that you have had “work done.”

Candidates for Lower Facelift Surgery in Dallas

The mini-lift is designed to correct the lower portion of the face only. For significant aging, a full facelift is usually the best option. With early aging, beginning in the mid-forties, lower facelift surgery can counteract the first signs of slackened skin and jowling. A major benefit of having the mini-lift in your 40s is that the surgery can be repeated. After a decade or so, you can subtly refresh your appearance a second time, continuously maintaining the youthful look of sculpted features. Additionally, a mini-lift usually has fewer scars, less bruising and a shorter recovery time than the traditional facelift.

Dr. Azouz at Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery will listen carefully to your aging concerns and perform a thorough evaluation prior to determining the best course of corrective action. To discuss lower facelift surgery and jowl reduction, contact the Plano, TX, office today.

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