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Torso of a slim athletic man after nipple reduction and puffy nipple correction surgery.

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A nipple/areola reduction surgery in Dallas can create a more aesthetic shape, size, and position of the nipples. Men can be bothered by a large nipple-areola complex. If you have been concerned about prominent nipples or symmetry of the nipple shape and size, a nipple/areola reduction surgery can be the solution. If you are unhappy with your nipples, plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz can help patients improve their nipples look by performing a nipple reduction surgery in Dallas. Request a consultation with Dr. Azouz by calling (972) 702-8888.

Are you a candidate for nipple/areola surgery?

Patients who desire improvement of long, puffy, asymmetric or large nipple areolas are often good candidates for nipple reduction surgery. Dr. Azouz performs a comprehensive history and physical examination in his Dallas office to determine if a patient is ready for nipple/areola reduction surgery.

Nipple/Areola Reduction Surgery benefits

Men and women similarly can benefit from Nipple/Areola reduction surgery, and:

  • Improve long nipples
  • Renew self-esteem
  • Be shirtless with confidence

Nipple Reduction

A long or wide nipple can be shortened and contoured. The tissue which causes the nipple to protrude can also be removed. Dr. Azouz can both narrow the nipple and reduce the length of the nipple.

Areola Reduction

Dr. Azouz can reduce the areola by creating a circular incision or crescent incision. In both cases, skin removal can be performed to perform a lift in men who need repositioning of the nipple (breast lift: mastopexy).

Male nipple/areola reduction

Men often suffer from gynecomastia which contributes to large, puffy, or feminine appearing nipples. These can be symmetric affecting both breasts or can be unilateral affecting only one breast.

Repair of Inverted Nipples/Inverted Nipple Surgery

Some patients suffer from inverted nipples. In some cases, the nipples move in and out and in other more advanced cases, the nipples are “stuck” in an inverted or retracted position. Inverted nipples can be due to scarring or trauma. Dr. Azouz corrects inverted nipples through small hidden incisions to remove scar tissue and to prevent the nipples from inverting again.

Anesthesia for nipple reduction surgery

Nipple reduction surgery is routinely a day surgery whether it is combined with another breast surgery or not, meaning most patients undergo local and sedation and go home the same day.

Nipple surgery recovery

Most patients do not report significant pain after nipple surgery. This is even true in cases where a breast lift (mastopexy) is performed or in men when a male breast reduction (gynecomastia) surgery is done. Dr. Azouz routinely provides oral pain medications and most patients can return to normal activity in days after the surgery. Strenuous activity is avoided for four to six weeks. Dr. Azouz protects the nerves to the nipple and areola and sensation is preserved in almost all patients for nipple reduction, breast lift, gynecomastia, and breast reduction procedures.

Combination of a Nipple/Areola Reduction with other plastic surgeries

Men often choose to combine a nipple/areola reduction surgery with a breast lift to remove and tighten saggy or loose skin.

Nipple/Aerola reduction surgery cost

Patients interested in a nipple/areola reduction surgery have to consider factors that will determine the cost of surgery, such as facility, surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, location. Dr. Azouz will evaluate the patient’s condition, create a surgical plan that suits his/her needs, and determine a price for the surgery on an individual basis.

Nipple reduction surgery before and after

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Nipple/Areola reduction surgery results

Dr. Azouz performs a camouflage incision in the areola so that the scar will be hidden in the border of the skin and areola, meaning patients would not have a visible scar, be comfortable being shirtless, and be happy within their own skin.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Azouz

At the initial consultation, Dr. Azouz will evaluate your case and will suggest the best treatment for your nipple/areola condition. For in-person consultation call us today at (972) 702-8888 or schedule an appointment for a virtual consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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