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Woman's breast before and after implant removal surgery.

Dallas board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. David and Solomon Azouz have expertise in helping women remove breast implants that are no longer wanted. Both plastic surgeons perform en-bloc and total capsulectomy procedures. Both Dallas-based Doctors have extensive experience and training in breast revision surgery.

What is Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Breast implant removal surgery is the removal of breast implants and scar tissue for Women who no longer want their implants. Breast implant removal is also known as “explantation” or “breast explant surgery”.

What is the difference between breast implant revision and breast implant removal?

Breast implant revision surgery typically refers to the removal and/or replacement of breast implants, or the correction of issues with breast implants. Breast implant removal surgery usually means that the breast implants are removed and not replaced.

Why do women want to have their breast implants removed in Dallas?

There are many reasons women seek a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Azouz for breast implant removal. Women usually remove their implants to improve the appearance of the breasts, for lifestyle changes, for health concerns, or for breast implant-related complications.
Most manufacturers recommend the removal and replacement of breast implants every 10-15 years.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Breast implant exchange for larger or smaller implants
  • Breasts feeling too heavy
  • Feeling that breast implants no longer fit body type
  • A significant change in weight
  • Disatisfaction with current breast implants


  • Sagging breasts
  • Breast implant rippling
  • Breast implant bottoming out
  • Snoopy or waterfall deformity


  • Breast implant rupture or deflation
  • Capsular contracture
  • Infection of breast implant
  • Silicone Granulomas
  • Seroma formation

Health concerns

  • Breast implant illness (BII)
  • Breast cancer
  • Breast Implant-Associated Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

Am I a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Women can usually have breast implant removal surgery regardless of their health or smoking status.

ruptured breast implant correction surgery | Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. AzouzWhat are the Benefits of Breast Implant Removal

The benefits of breast implant removal depend on the reasons the patient decided to undergo breast implant removal surgery. The benefits can include better aesthetic appearance and improved health for those who were experiencing breast implant illness or other complications with their implants.

Breast Implant Removal Consultation

Breast implant removal surgery is performed for patients who have breast implants from previous breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery. The breast implant removal process will begin with Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Azouz evaluating the patient and creating an individualized plan. Dr. Azouz will review any symptoms of breast implant illness and discuss the patient’s goals for the size and shape of their breasts after surgery. A Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, may be recommended in combination with implant removal surgery.

Smiling WomanIn comparison to the initial breast implant surgery, breast implant removals can necessitate additional procedures. These procedures include breast lifts, capsulectomy, and removal of masses in the breast.

A breast lift can restore tighter, younger-looking breasts; however, breasts can also naturally be augmented with liposuction or fat grafting. This technique suctions fat from other areas of the patient’s body, the fat is then purified and then injected into the breasts. This makes it vital for a patient to select a highly experienced and well-trained plastic surgeon for this surgery.

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Breast implant removal | Breast explant | Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. AzouzAnesthesia for Breast Implant Removal

Dr. Azouz generally performs breast implant removal with local anesthetic and sedation. This usually involves a much quicker and enhanced recovery compared to general anesthesia. Dr. Azouz utilizes specialized local anesthetic blocks during surgery to minimize pain.

Is Breast Implant Removal Surgery an Outpatient Procedure?

Breast implant removal is almost always performed as outpatient surgery. Dr. Azouz will access the implant by either revising the previous scar (scar revision) or creating a new hidden incision.

Saline Breast Implant Removal

Before surgery, Dr. Azouz will carefully examine the original implant and surrounding tissue for inflammation, rupture, leakage, or infection. To make the procedure less invasive, Dr. Azouz may deflate the implant before the removal. An implant replacement or a breast lift can be performed after removing the implant and any scar tissue.

Silicone Breast Implant Removal

Dr. Azouz will evaluate the implant for signs of damage or rupture before removing it for silicone implant removal. At times, Dr. Azouz will often need to remove the capsule and tissue in addition to the implant.

Dr. Azouz removes silicone material from implant leaks and breast capsule scar tissue that forms from previous surgery, also known as capsular contracture. He often performs a breast lift (mastopexy) to provide patients with a natural and cosmetic-appearing breast.

Breast implant removal | Dallas capsulectomy | What is a capsulectomy?What is a total capsulectomy?

Breast implant removal can be performed with or without the removal of the scar tissue that covers the implant known as the breast implant capsule. A “total capsulectomy” refers to the capsule being completely removed with the implant.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery Recovery

Breast implant removal (with or without a breast lift) is an outpatient surgical procedure where you can go home the same day to relax and recover. Most patients can resume light activity and be off prescription pain medication after a few days. Heavy exercise should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

After breast implant removal surgery, patients will have some swelling for a few weeks. Many patients wear compression garments to help reduce swelling. Dr. Azouz does not routinely use drains when performing breast surgery. A no-drain-breast surgery can allow patients a more comfortable and convenient recovery. Dr. Azouz will also provide specific instructions regarding your surgery.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery Results

Interestingly, many women can still have full and natural-appearing breasts after breast implant removal. Dr. Azouz can perform various breast lift procedures after or in a combination of breast implant removal that can still provide a woman with a full-appearing breast. Dr. Azouz performs various breast lifts, including the mini breast lift, breast lift with liposuction, full breast lift with a wise pattern incision, and the lollipop breast lift.

Before and after breast Implant removal with mini Lift

Disclaimer: All Patients Are Unique and Individual Results May Vary

Breast Implant Removal Surgery Cost

Breast implant removal costs in Dallas can widely vary. Dr. Azouz will determine the cost of surgery through a medical history and physical examination. Many insurance companies consider breast implant removal surgery medically necessary for patients who have had breast reconstruction for cancer. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not cover implant removal in those who have had breast implants placed for cosmetic purposes. Also, Dr. Azouz provides different financing options to make breast implant removal affordable for his patients.

Combination of a Breast Implant Removal with Other Procedures

Dr. Azouz is able to combine breast implant removal with a multitude of different procedures. Some of the common combination surgeries are mini lift, mastopexy, liposuction of the lateral chest wall/bra fat, liposuction of the abdomen and/or thighs, blepharoplasty (eyelids), and facelifts.
Although Dr. Azouz is able to combine many cosmetic procedures with breast implant removal and/or replacement, there are a few procedures that he suggests be staged. Dr. Azouz usually recommends staging posterior body lift, Brazilian butt lift, and Laser Skin Resurfacing.

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