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As age-related collagen loss, muscle relaxation and gravity begin to move your face forward, it can cause creases, folds and sagging skin. With the skin around the eyes being thinner than the rest of your face, it is more vulnerable to changes and sagging may appear earlier. This drooping skin, or dermatochalasis, can cover your lid and create a downturned effect at the corner of your eyes, making you look sad, tired and older. Dr. Azouz can perform excess eyelid skin removal surgery with dramatic results. Changes to your eyes can result in an overall improvement to your appearance, and your eyes will have a youthful, rested and natural look.

Eye Bag Removal in Plano

People often forget that eyelid surgery can address both the upper and lower eyelids, but both fall under blepharoplasty. The collection of fat and excess skin can also occur beneath the eye, creating what is known as “eye bags.” Drooping undereye bags with excess skin are not only puffy and difficult to camouflage, but they also create dark circles under the eye. With a swollen and tired appearance, these eye bags can be extremely aging. Removing excess skin and fat from the lower lid can restore smooth contours and take years off your appearance. Dr. Azouz can also reposition a small amount of fatty tissue, ensuring your undereye is not overcorrected, which creates an undereye hollow. This is why it is important to choose an experienced, highly-skilled surgeon for excess eyelid skin removal surgery.

Choosing the Best Surgeon in Dallas

Dr. Azouz of Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery has earned an international reputation for his specialized techniques, innovative procedures and exceptional results. When preparing to treat the delicate eye area, you want a surgeon who takes the time to listen to your concerns in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Your surgeon must also have a deep understanding of the eye anatomy, and how any changes will relate to the rest of your facial structure. Dr. Azouz couples his technical skill with cosmetic artistry for stunning and natural-looking results.

If drooping eyelids are affecting your appearance, contact Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery today for an eyelid skin removal consultation.

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