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Written by NJ - When I was fourteen I had gynocomastia surgery with Dr. Solomon and Dr. David Azouz with Azouz Plastic Surgery in Dallas, Texas. I had noticed that I was different since puberty and I was embarrassed by my chest, so I avoided swimming and sports because I was self-conscious. We did research and found that Azouz Plastic Surgery seemed to be more technologically advanced and cutting edge with their procedures because they were using techniques that would allow me to have the surgery with no major visible scars. No plastic surgeons in our state did this surgery without major scars. At our first appointment the Doctors Azouz determined that I was a good candidate for the procedure. He told me that the excess tissue and fat could be removed with liposuction. The surgery was successful! There was some swelling and bruising but it was manageable. I am amazed how great my chest looks! At 16, I’m still growing into my body, but I’m more confident and comfortable. I can wear whatever I want and I don’t have to worry about disguising my chest. Thank you to Dr. Solomon and Dr. David Azouz! Y’all are the best and my favorites! If you have gynocomastia, Azouz Plastic Surgery and this procedure can change your life!


My experience with Dr. Azouz has been phenomenal. Had my gynecomastia procedure in December and have experienced better results than I ever could have imagined. From surgery, to staff, to follow-up appointments my experience has been great. Highly recommend anyone that is looking to have a gynecomastia procedure done that you consider Dr. Azouz and his team. 5 stars highly recommend.

Jaime H.

Dr. Sol Azouz is hands down the best plastic surgeon I’ve encountered in Dallas! He is kind and makes the visit a breeze. He is very experienced in his field. The staff is amazing and my visit was quick and efficient. Would definitely recommend Dr. Azouz to anyone in Dallas!

Amir A.

I did my Septoplasty and turbinate reduction and a male Rhinoplasty with Dr Solomon and I am supper happy with the result. I didn’t have any swelling or bruising just only 2 days after the procedure. It has been 3 weeks post op now and I am fully back to normal breathing. Very talented and educated surgeon. Highly recommended especially for male plastic surgeries.

Pouya G.

Dr. Azouz is absolutely wonderful. He is compassionate, caring, and very passionate about what he does. He takes the time to explain everything and is so patient. Some plastic surgeons try to oversell you on things you don't need, but Dr. Azouz is just the opposite. He really cares about your comfort and wants you to only look the best version of yourself. I wish all doctors were like him!


Dr. Azouz and his team has been incredible throughout my entire recovery process. My results from my lipedema liposuction procedure have been amazing and I cannot recommend Dr. Azouz enough!

Rachel T.

Dr azouz is a brilliant plastic surgeon and doctor. He is a liposuction master and I am so lucky to have found him. He is incredibly trustworthy and really cares about all of his patients. If you are looking for the best plastic surgery in Dallaz then definitely pick him!!!!

Juana F.

Incredible results with my mommy makeover, lipo/implants, love the results and was happy to avoid a tummy tuck... Dr. Azouz is not only a plastic surgeon he is an Artist and I can't believe how good I look. I have my confidence back after having my kids and despite breast feeding. He is the best in Dallas and I highly recommend him

Shauna H.

Dr Sol is extremely professional and patient. He’s been so helpful with my sons injury and will go back to him when ever needed. The staff is friendly and would totally recommend Dr Sol Azouz!

Nachmi R.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Dallas - hands down! I absolutely loved my experience and results with Dr. Sol - caring and professional approach really instilled trust and confidence, but what really impressed me was his genuine passion to secure the exact results I wanted. Not only that, but his post surgery care and attention to scar care was excellent, it’s super important but often overlooked in other clinics

Justin S.
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