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pec implants for chest asymmetry

Both men and women can suffer from breast asymmetry caused by genetics, traumatic injury, hormonal changes, or after a plastic surgery procedure. A certain breast amount of breast asymmetry is actually average. The chest’s significant asymmetry in men and women can be bothersome and often motivates them to seek a plastic surgeon like Dr. Azouz.

In men, it is not uncommon for the nipple to be distorted by gynecomastia. Some men have Poland syndrome or pectus deformity. Various men are seeking cosmetic surgery who have a combination of these conditions, which causes asymmetry. Dr. Azouz can provide better symmetry in men through various procedures, including liposuction and removal of gynecomastia, correction of Poland syndrome, placement of pec implants, and correction of pectus deformity.

Am I a Breast/Chest Asymmetry Correction Surgery candidate?

Candidates for breast asymmetry correction surgery are individuals who notice a difference in position, shape, and/or size of their chest, breasts, or nipples.

Breast/Chest Asymmetry Correction Surgery benefits

The benefits of correcting asymmetrical breasts or chest with Dr. Azouz include having more symmetric and proportional breasts/chest, fitting clothes properly, which help patients regain their confidence and obtained a more aesthetically figure.

Breast/Chest Asymmetry Correction Surgery in Dallas

Dr. Azouz’s unparalleled technique will ensure maximum comfort during breast asymmetry correction surgery, using different approaches to correct breast asymmetries. Depending on the case, Dr. Azouz will suggest the best technique to enhance the patient’s breast and chest, place the incisions carefully to ensure the scar is hidden, and obtain beautiful results.

Anesthesia for Breast/Chest Asymmetry Correction Surgery

Dr. Azouz uses local and sedation during asymmetry breast correction surgery. On a rare occasion, he will use general anesthesia. However, Dr. Azouz finds that his patients have a quicker recovery with decreased nausea using local and sedation than those who undergo general anesthesia.

Breast/Chest Asymmetry Correction Surgery recovery

man chest

Patients will take it easy for the first few days after breast/chest asymmetry correction surgery and limit their activities. However, soon after your surgery, you will be able to return to light desk work. You will continue to limit your strenuous activities for a few weeks after your surgery. Dr. Azouz will give your specific instructions when adding more strenuous activities such as lift heavy items into your daily routine.

Combination of a Breast/Chest Asymmetry Correction Surgery with other plastic surgeries

There are many plastic surgery procedures that can be combined with asymmetry breast correction surgery. Some of the combination surgeries include:

Breast/Chest Asymmetry Correction Surgery cost

There are many different surgical approaches and plans that Dr. Azouz can perform to correct breast /chest asymmetry. Depending on which surgical procedure the patient and Dr.Azouz create to achieve specific goals will determine the cost of the correction of breast asymmetry surgery. Dr. Azouz provides different financing options for his patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery.

Results after Breast/Chest Asymmetry Correction Surgery

The correction of breast asymmetry surgery includes a more uniform aesthetic look to the breast or chest. Dr. Azouz will create a more symmetric look to the breasts regarding shape, size, and position. Many patients report that after undergoing correction of their asymmetric breasts or chest, they can find well-fitting clothing more easily and feel more confident in their own skin than before surgery.

gynecomastia before and after | Dr. Solomon Azouz in Dallas, TX
gynecomastia before and after | Dr. Solomon Azouz in Dallas, TX

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If you suffer from breast or chest asymmetry, call (972) 702-8888 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz to evaluate your condition and design the best approach to correct asymmetry in the breast or chest area.

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