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Adolescent & Teen Rhinoplasty Dallas, TX Adolescent & Teen Rhinoplasty Dallas, TX

Many changes occur during the teenage years, and this can bring about problems with self-esteem and self-confidence. When facial features are out of balance, they are particularly difficult to hide and on permanent display. With its location directly in the middle of the face, a nose with poor aesthetics can overwhelm the rest of the features and contribute to a poor overall self-image.

Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” can be performed on adolescents and teens. This surgery can have a major impact on their well-being and confidence. Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery offers teen rhinoplasty to adolescents and teens with physically mature features and who possess the emotional maturity to understand the expected outcomes.

Plano Adolescent Nose Job Surgery

Physical maturity of adolescents and teens is important because the nose must be finished growing before any reshaping or resizing takes place. Failing to wait can result in needing additional surgeries later on. However, exceptions can be made for structural problems that are interfering with daily life, and proper planning can minimize the number of corrections down the road.

Due to the overwhelming number of images on social media, emotional maturity is critical to determining if the teenager is truly ready for surgery. They must be able to understand that there are risks to any surgical procedure, and that plastic surgery is not a fix for all of life’s problems. They must also be able to identify how social media images are manipulated in a way that presents unachievable results, no matter how skilled the surgeon.

Caring and Compassionate Care in Dallas, TX

Dr. Azouz performs a thorough assessment and evaluation of the teenager’s features and listens closely to their aesthetic desires. He carefully explains what plastic surgery can and cannot do and helps set realistic expectations of both surgical outcomes and beauty standards. Committed to positive self-image, he encourages his young patients to discuss their motivations for rhinoplasty to ensure they are doing it for the right reasons. Along with his expert opinion, he can correct a true flaw and greatly improve their self-confidence and body image.

The majority of teens and adolescents are a good fit for teen rhinoplasty. Contact Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery for your consultation today.

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