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The position of the ears leaves them open to injury. Damage comes in many forms and different levels of severity. Regardless of what type of injury you have, the appearance of your ear may make you self-conscious. Hiding the problem is not always an option, and it may impact different aspects of your life from the hairstyle you choose to the clothing you wear. Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery can perform reconstructive ear trauma plastic surgery to restore the appearance and function of your ears.

Why Are Ears Easily Damaged?

Ears are primarily made up of elastic cartilage and blood vessels with a thin covering of skin. Elastic cartilage means you can bend, twist or pull it in different ways. However, its flexibility is not endless, and the downside of any type of cartilage is its inability to effectively repair itself.

Cosmetic ear trauma results from damage to this cartilage. Any blow to the head that strikes the ear can cause a deformity; repeated blows can cause conditions like cauliflower ear. Accidents can result in partial ear loss, and the resulting asymmetry and damage are obvious. Severe accidents or burns can result in the loss of an entire ear.

Ear Trauma is More than Cosmetic

Cosmetic differences only account for part of the problem. Ear trauma resulting in deformed, partially missing or completely missing ears have a serious impact on daily activities. Hearing loss cannot be helped with a hearing aid if there is no way to secure it to the ear. Vision problems cannot be corrected if there is no way to support eyeglasses.

Using ear reshaping techniques alongside skin, tissue and cartilage grafts allows Dr. Azouz to reconstruct the ear from your own tissues. With expert precision, he can sculpt ears that are symmetrical and proportionate to your face shape. His knowledge of ear structure and function allows him to protect your hearing while providing you with the best aesthetic outcomes possible.

If ear trauma has impacted your life, contact Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery today for a consultation in our supportive, welcoming and inclusive office.

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