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man with facial injuries | Facial Trauma Plastic Surgery

Facial trauma can range from broken bones to lacerations to severe burns and anything in between. Accidents and injuries are usually thought to occur on personal time, but that overlooks another serious occurrence of facial trauma: workplace injuries. Working at heights, with complex machinery or with chemicals can increase your risk of facial trauma from an accident. If you are injured in a workplace incident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Once the emergency situation is addressed, consulting a highly skilled plastic surgeon, like Dr. Azouz, can significantly reduce your chances of disfigurement and functional complications with facial trauma plastic surgery.

Who Pays for Workplace Facial Trauma Surgery?

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Azouz cannot comment on the inner legal workings of workers’ compensation. It is best to have legal representation following a significant injury requiring facial trauma plastic surgery. However, workers’ compensation has paid for surgeries that restore function necessary for the quality of daily life. Purely cosmetic procedures are excluded from this, but as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Azouz knows that restoring function often results in positive aesthetic changes. Repairing structure and function are always completed with the same level of skill and care as would be used for a non-workplace injury. The ultimate goal is the repair of structural damage with a natural and restored appearance.

Plano Face Reconstruction

Deformities and disfigurements caused by workplace accidents and injuries impact more than your appearance. They can change your ability to move certain parts of your face, altering how you can express yourself. The inability to blink can create serious eye problems, and breathing difficulties can result in sinus infections, sleep apnea and a host of other problems. Burns can create deep scar tissue, requiring complex surgery and skin grafts.

Dr. Azouz is a highly-skilled, fellowship trained and board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience. He understands the fear, frustration and other emotional impact that exist alongside the physical injury itself. His compassionate approach and dedication to superior results lead patients from many countries to his practice, and he welcomes you to contact his office today for a facial trauma plastic surgery consultation.

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