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Fees & Insurance Dallas, TX

Plastic surgery and cosmetic operations can be a tremendous investment in yourself. Dr. David Azouz of Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is committed to the highest patient care level and provides the best possible financing options for his patients, making affordable access to cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Payment Methods

The payment policies of our practice are designed to make financial arrangements as simple as possible for our patients. Cash, check and most major credit cards are accepted.  Dr. Azouz also provides a variety of financing options including CareCredit® and Alphaeon® Credit.

Financing is available upon request and eligibility.


As a service to you, we will happily submit the necessary insurance documentation to your carrier; however, payment for cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery is the responsibility of the individual patient.

For elective surgery, payment must be made at least two weeks prior to scheduled surgery.

Plastic Surgery Cost Ranges

The exact cost of your procedure cannot be determined until after consultation with Dr. Azouz. If you would like more specific details regarding fees, multiple procedure discounts, or costs of procedures not listed here, please contact our office staff who will be more than happy to help you.

Fees, Insurance and Billing Defintions

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