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Facial Fat Transfers Dallas, TX Facial Fat Transfers Dallas, TX

When you want to add fullness to areas of your face, “fillers” have been the go-to method for many years. However, as more people convert to a healthy lifestyle, they begin to question the substances they put into their bodies. As a safe and alternative method to synthetic fillers, facial fat transfers produce the same effects. With long-lasting results, excellent filling ability and an incredibly natural appearance, facial fat transfers can be used for:

Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery only uses facial fat transfers to address areas that require additional volume. The procedure will leave you with a more youthful appearance, naturally correcting your facial structure and improving the look of your skin.

What Is a Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfers involve taking fat from one area of the body and injecting it into another area. Using liposuction techniques, fat is usually extracted from your abdomen or waist (love handles). The fat is centrifuged to retrieve the necessary adipose and stem cells. These critical cells are then injected into the areas requiring volume. This safe and natural procedure has no risk of allergic reaction because it uses your own cells.

Fat transfer requires expertise and experience to ensure you get the best results. As with most plastic surgery procedures, it is the skilled surgeon with the artistic eye who produces the best outcomes for the patient. Dr. Azouz’ extensive education, fellowship training and experience allow him to understand how the structures beneath your skin will change. His detailed examination and careful analysis during your procedure will leave you natural, radiant and refreshed for years to come.

How Long Will the Results Last?

It is a misconception that facial fat transfers are short-lived or “don’t take.” The greatest factor in determining the final results is following post-procedure instructions. Most important is avoiding any trauma to the treated areas – including compression. It is essential the cells establish and maintain a good blood supply. With the expertise of Dr. Azouz and proper post-operative care, you can expect your swelling to subside within the first one to two weeks. You will see your final results after several months. The new volume will keep you looking young and fresh.

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