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When there is excessive space between the eyebrows and the hairline, it can make the face longer than many people would like. It can also give the appearance of a receding hairline or detract from other features. Hiding the area behind bangs is an option for some people; however, many would prefer to wear different styles and feel as though they have no choice. Others resort to bandanas or hats. Forehead reduction surgery can address these issues. It can also create a more feminine appearance, especially if other features are reshaped to an overall softer look. For both men and women, forehead reduction can restore self-confidence in your appearance.

Forehead Reduction to Lower Hairlines

To reduce the length of the forehead, the entire scalp can be brought forward into a new position and the excess skin removed. Dr. Azouz provides a thorough evaluation of your features prior to surgery, determining the optimal placement of the new hairline. He will ensure that the new placement balances your features and provides an overall proportionate appearance to your face.

Both men and women can have forehead reduction surgery, but in both cases, it is important the hairline is naturally high and not due to hair loss. For active hair loss, or extremely thin hair, it is necessary to treat those conditions separately before considering a forehead reduction.

Combine Reduction with a Brow Lift

How much the hairline can be lowered will vary from patient to patient. Scalp laxity and mobility, as well as hair density, are variables that must be considered. However, no matter how significant the distance, bringing the hairline down does not affect the eyebrows or upper face. Adding a brow lift decreases the lines and wrinkles on the forehead, and gently raises the eyebrows, restoring an alert and youthful appearance. Although you will still have downtime from the procedure, you can save significant future recovery time by eliminating the need for further surgeries.

If you are tired of camouflaging your high forehead, contact Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas, TX, today for a forehead reduction consultation.

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