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Due to its location in the middle of the face, the nose is a completely visible feature that is nearly impossible to hide. When you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your nose, it can be a source of anxiety or low self-esteem. Cosmetic nose plastic surgery, also called rhinoplasty or a “nose job,” can address most concerns, including reducing the size, changing the shape, correcting asymmetry or improving the contour.

Rhinoplasty can also address functional concerns, such as a reconstruction or repair following trauma, or correcting breathing problems associated with the underlying nasal structure. Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery helps patients with these nose plastic surgery options:

The extent of the procedure will depend on your desired aesthetic, other facial structures and Dr. Azouz’s expert opinion.

Benefits of Nose Plastic Surgery

Your nose is an important part of your overall well-being. In terms of appearance, it should provide an unobtrusive balance to your face, allowing your other features to shine. Functionally, your nose is important in oxygenation, and impaired breathing can not only be noisy, but it can also negatively impact your health. Difficulty breathing is also linked to poor sleep and poor sense of smell.

Nose plastic surgery corrects these problems and provides the following benefits:

  • Decreased nose size
  • Smaller nose tip
  • Straighter nose
  • Centered/symmetrical nose
  • Smooth nose bridge
  • Improved breathing
  • Better sense of smell
  • Improved sinus congestion
  • Quieter breathing

Recovery time for nose plastic surgery varies depending on the extent of the procedure but is usually faster than other types of surgeries. Your heavy or high-impact activities will be limited for four to six weeks, or until Dr. Azouz gives the all-clear to resume your regular schedule.

Dallas Nose Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Azouz is a fellowship trained, board certified plastic surgeon who is sought out by patients from many countries. Located in Dallas, TX, with operations in Richardson and Plano, his practice is welcoming, open and inclusive. His thorough assessment and evaluation will provide you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and be confident in your decision. Comfortable lodging and amenities are nearby for your convenience, and financing options are available.

If you have cosmetic or functional nose concerns, contact Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery today to request an in-person or virtual consultation.

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