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Saddle nose is a depression in the nasal bridge caused by a collapse or disintegration of the supporting nasal cartilage. It has different degrees of severity and can impact your quality of life. In some patients, the bridge of the nose may completely collapse, while for others it results in a significant indentation. In either case, this concave area can significantly change how you look and feel, making you self-conscious and lowering your self-esteem. Saddle nose repair surgery can rebuild the sunken nose, restoring the nose form and function. Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery offers saddle nose repair surgery in Dallas, TX.

What Causes Saddle Nose?

Saddle nose is caused by trauma, infections, complications from rhinoplasty and congenital or autoimmune disorders. It is often seen with the overuse of nasal sprays and can also occur due to drug use. In addition to changing how you look, saddle nose can impact your health as well, from creating breathing difficulties to increasing the risk of sinus infections. It can even affect your vision if you are unable to wear your glasses because you do not have a sufficient nose bridge. The nasal collapse usually worsens over time, resulting in an upturned nasal tip.

Plano Nose Deformity Correction

The only permanent solution to saddle nose is saddle nose rhinoplasty, which corrects the structure responsible for the nose deformity. Unlike a typical rhinoplasty, or nose job, saddle nose repair surgery rebuilds the nasal understructure using cartilage taken from another area. This cartilage is grafted onto existing nasal structures, along with stents to maintain structural integrity. Once in place, this new understructure can be reshaped into a cosmetically appealing nose that is aligned with your features for a natural and balanced appearance.

Dr. Azouz, a board certified and fellowship trained plastic surgeon, can repair any type of saddle nose deformity. He is highly respected and his artistry is sought out by patients from all over the world. No matter the cause or severity of your saddle nose deformity, Dr. Azouz welcomes you to contact his office for a saddle nose rhinoplasty consultation.

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