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If you have noticed changes to your breasts, such as droopiness, reduced volume, lowered nipples, flattening or elongation, you may long for youthful, perky cleavage. Many patients believe the only way to restore the appearance of the breast is to have breast augmentation with implants, but this is not the case.

A breast lift can greatly improve the look of your natural breasts when changes are brought about by aging, hormones, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and breastfeeding. If these changes are minor, a mini breast lift performed by Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery can create natural and perky breasts.

What Is a Mini Breast Lift?

Mini breast lifts are ideal for patients with breast changes that are minor but still obvious. Nipples that do not sag past the point where the nipple meets the torso, or nipples that are asymmetrical are good indicators a mini lift may be appropriate. Volume loss may be present, but not in large amounts.

Mini lifts do not increase breast size, but breasts appear fuller and perkier due to subtle changes. Since this procedure is not as involved as a full breast lift, recovery time is much shorter and scarring is minimized.

If you have significant volume loss, nipples that extend below where the breast meets the torso or very elongated or flat breasts, a full breast lift with larger incisions and more contouring is the better choice. A full breast lift also offers more opportunity for augmentation, resulting in larger and perkier breasts.

Dallas, TX Mini Breast Lift

If you are looking for more youthful breasts but are hesitant to undergo a major lift procedure or breast augmentation, a breast lift may be the solution. If the mini lift will not provide the results you are after, Dr. Azouz can provide a variety of options that will achieve your aesthetic desires.

If you are unhappy with your droopy or sagging breasts or nipples, contact Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation.

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