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Liposuction is essential in many plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Azouz performs in Dallas. Cosmetic liposuction or male body contouring is a great way to help remove unwanted, stubborn fat and reshape an area of the body. A few of the most common areas male liposuction is performed include the neck, jawline, chin, abdomen (belly fat), “love handles,” lateral chest wall, back, and lower extremities. If you would like to explore the best male body contouring procedures that will reshape your body, contact Dallas Dr. Azouz by calling (972) 702-8888.

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Male Body Contouring Benefits

  • Removal of stubborn fat.
  • Regain confidence.
  • Obtained a sculpted body.
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Motivation to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Am I a candidate for Liposuction-Male body contouring?

The best candidates for liposuction with Dr. Azouz include men who are looking to improve localized areas of fat, and have realistic expectations. There are common areas of male patients which sometimes can not be improved with a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction of a specific area can remove stubborn unwanted fat. Candidates can be overweight and do not necessarily have to lose weight prior to having liposuction. Quitting the use of nicotine is helpful in achieving the best results possible.

Areas for Male Liposuction

  • Neck, Jawline, and under the chin.
  • Lateral breast, axilla, and back.
  • Chest for male breast reduction (gynecomastia).
  • Torso- abdomen, belly fat, flanks, iliac rolls, muffin top, love handles.
  • Lower limb- thighs, legs, calves, buttocks, banana roll, saddlebags.

What type of Liposuction-Male body contouring does Dr. Azouz perform?

Dr. Azouz finds that for many patients it is best to combine a variety of liposuction techniques when removing stubborn fat. Dr. Azouz utilizes high-definition liposuction, tumescent (water) liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, and SAFE liposuction in his Dallas plastic surgery procedures.

Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. David Azouz and Dr. Solomon Azouz have created their own unique custom liposuction cannulas. The liposuction cannulas that Dr. Azouz designs are a key component in removing stubborn fat in localized areas.

Anesthesia for Liposuction-Male body contouring

Dallas board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz usually performs liposuction under a combination of local anesthetic and sedation. This combination of anesthesia allows the patient to be comfortable during the procedure and tends to have fewer post-anesthesia side effects such as nausea compared to a general anesthetic.

Men Liposuction Recovery

The recovery for liposuction depends on which area is being treated. With that being said, most patients can return to their desk jobs within a few days of surgery. Dr. Azouz typically suggests taking a few days to rest and healing from surgery while you wear compression garments to decrease swelling. During each postoperative appointment, Dr. Azouz and his staff will often review which strenuous activities you can begin to reincorporate into your daily routines.

Liposuction-Male body contouring cost

The cost of liposuction or male body contouring in Dallas with Dr. Azouz has many factors. Each patient has different needs and desires for their liposuction procedure. During your virtual or in-person consultation with Dr. Azouz, he will create a unique surgical plan that incorporates your aesthetic goals. Financing option available

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Azouz

If you are experiencing stubborn fat and would like to correct it, schedule a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz by calling (972) 702-8888. Our Dallas office is conveniently located and with easy access to those living in the DFW area. Out of state patients are welcome, contact us to arrange your consultation and provide you with the best experience while in Dallas. Virtual consultations are available.

Male liposuction and contouring with Dr. Azouz

“Dr. Azouz is my own personal Picasso. The reconstructive work that he has done is second to none in quality, experience, and bedside manner. During my lipo and contouring procedure, Dr. Azouz also drained and sealed a large and painful bursa on my left hip. The bursa has been a source of chronic pain for years and an unsightly eyesore after multiple hip surgeries. As I stood up off of the operating table, he asked how I was feeling. I remember that it was the first time in years that I did not have severe hip pain or a significant protrusion from my hip! I am finally able to purchase jeans that fit my whole body, not just my bursa.

Picking a plastic surgeon is overwhelming; and all too frequently, the topic of conversation surrounds initial cost and not the quality of care. That one ‘bargain price’ surgery is just as one would expect. It is cheap services rendered in exchange for limited expertise and experience, inferior suturing and incision placement, and minimal post-op care. Now, the bargain price surgery may need a reconstructive or corrective surgery, or you experience other complications and cannot reach your surgeon. It certainly was for myself and several others that I know.

I can reach Dr. Azouz day or night. I have had to make a call in the middle of the night and was greeted not with annoyance or frustration, but concern and reassurance. How many surgeons do you know that will personally call you on a Sunday to ensure that you are healing and to ask if you have any questions? Mine called daily and always had time to answer all of my questions. I wasn’t another patient who was a file for the operating room and a deposit into an account. I can’t thank him enough. Do yourself a favor and have the peace of mind that comes with booking your procedure with Dr. Azouz. You will not regret your results or your choice!”

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