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Your face is not the only visible part of your body affected by aging. Earlobes are also susceptible to elasticity changes and being pulled down by the force of gravity. These lobes become elongated and often look saggy or “flappy.” Since these changes do not take place in an identical manner, you may develop significant asymmetry between the two ears.

Other reasons earlobes can lengthen, sag or stretch include genetics, congenital defects, long-term wear of heavy jewelry and ear gauging. Ear gauging in particular can lead to extensively damaged and elongated earlobes. Regardless of the reason for sagging or stretched earlobes, Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery can repair the appearance of your lobes with earlobe reduction. Your ears will have a natural, balanced and lifted appearance.

Ear Reshaping for a Youthful Appearance

Also called a loboplasty, earlobe reduction restores the normal length and thickness of your earlobes. No longer thin and stretched, the new lobe provides a lift to the side of your face and re-adjusts the proportion of your ears to match your features. Once your surgery is complete and healing is finished, you can once again wear earrings or simply enjoy showing off your ears again. Earlobe reduction surgery requires very little downtime and earlobes heal very quickly. The subtle lift it provides will not give any indication you have had work done.

Richardson Ear Lift and Face Lift

Restoring the earlobe to a lifted, youthful placement can be combined with other procedures to provide a completely refreshed look. Your ears can be reshaped in the aesthetic you have always wanted. Facial fat transfers can address dark circles, nasolabial folds, sagging jowls and crow’s feet. A mini-facelift can address the lower portion of your face, creating a sculpted jaw and reducing wrinkles. A full facelift can address the majority of your aging concerns with natural and graceful results.

If you have sagging or stretched earlobes, contact Dr. Azouz today and request a consultation for earlobe reduction surgery.

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