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Closeup of woman belly with a scar from a cesarean section

During a cesarean section, an incision is made on the abdomen and uterus to access and deliver the baby. This procedure leaves behind a scar, the appearance of which varies according to the type of incision, the healing process, and the patient’s skin. Board-certified Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Solomon Azouz offers various techniques to remove and treat c-section scars to reduce visibility. This procedure turns thick, elevated, or discolored scars into smoother, less visible lines while also improving skin texture, boosting confidence, and improving the visual aspect of the scar.

Types of C-Section Scars

Horizontal/ Transverse Incision (Bikini)Directly above the hairline of the pubisUsually less obvious, covered up with a bikini bottom or underwear
Vertical IncisionStretches from the pubic bone to the navelMore apparent and possibly more noticeable

types of c-section scars

Candidates for Surgery

Candidates for C-section scar removal include those who:

  • Are generally in good health
  • Have noticeable C-section scars that affect their confidence or cause discomfort
  • Set reasonable expectations for the results
  • Do not have active infections or untreated skin conditions in the scar area

Benefits of Surgery

c-section scar removal

  • Better Appearance: The main advantage is a scar that looks more appealing
  • Increased Self-Esteem and Body Image: Patients frequently report feeling more confident
  • Symptom Relief: Some patients may see a reduction in the tightness, discomfort, or itching brought on by their scars

How is a c-section scar removed?

The specific technique used for C-Section scar removal depends on various factors, including the scar’s characteristics and the patient’s skin type. Common techniques include:

  • Scar Revision Surgery:
    • Excision and Reclosure: Dr. Azouz will remove the scar tissue and then carefully close the skin back together with meticulous technique. This method aids in producing a scar that is smaller and less obvious.
    • Layered Closure: To ease the strain on the skin’s surface and facilitate better healing, the deeper layers of tissue are closed first.
  • Z-Plasty: This method creates tiny triangle skin flaps by making tiny, angled incisions on either side of the scar. The direction and visibility of the scar are then altered by rearranging these flaps. Z-plasty can help restore skin suppleness and break up scar tissue, particularly if the scar is tight or constricted.
  • Laser Therapy: Skin resurfacing and collagen production can be achieved with laser treatments, such as fractional CO2lasersr. This aids in improving the texture, color, and smoothness of the scar.
  • Steroid Injections: Steroid injections can help flatten and reduce inflammation in hypertrophic or keloid scars. Frequently, these injections are used in addition to surgical methods.
  • Dermabrasion: This procedure is used to improve the texture and look of scars by mechanically removing the top layers of skin. Raised scars can be smoothed out with this method.

Anesthesia Used During Surgery

Local anesthetic and sedation are typically used during C-section scar removal surgery to ensure the patient is comfortable and pain-free during the process. Depending on the technique and treatment plan, Dr. Azouz may only use local anesthesia for scar revision surgery.

Surgical Risks

Like every surgical operation, the risks can include infection, bleeding, bruising, and the adverse effects of anesthesia. To make sure patients have a safe surgical experience, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz takes many precautions to minimize risks.

Recovery After Surgery

The recovery after a c-section scar removal depends on the specific procedure.

  • Downtime: It’s usually advised to take a few days to a week off.
  • Patients will be provided with comprehensive instructions regarding wound care, medication administration, and limitations on their activities.
  • Follow-up: Maintain your routine follow-up visits with Dr. Azouz to discuss any concerns and track the healing process.

Combining Surgeries to Remove a C-Section Scar

belly with scar from c-sectionAfter a c-section, some women have difficulty losing excess skin along with their scars. In these cases, Dr. Azouz can use the c-section scar as the incision line to perform a tummy tuck or mommy makeover. In these cases, Dr. Azouz can improve the appearance of the scar and also remove saggy skin from the abdomen. A diastasis recti repair can also be performed adjunctively with the abdominoplasty for optimal results.

Surgical Cost

The complexity of the surgery, the methods used, and the possibility of more treatments all affect how much C-Section scar removal costs. Dr. Azouz will provide customized cost estimates based on each patient’s unique needs during your consultation.

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