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Closeup of woman belly with a scar from a cesarean section

Due to the skin expanding and stretching during pregnancy, it is difficult to predict how the surgical closing of a c-section will heal. For some women, the area will shrink back without significant scarring, while for others, scars can be red, raised, puckered or have excess skin overhanging the incision site. This type of scarring can affect your self-esteem and you may be embarrassed by the way it looks. At Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, a c-section scar removal can restore your abdominal area and let you feel like yourself again.

C-Section Scar Treatment

While some women do not mind the look of their c-section scars, it does not mean that you are wrong for feeling self-conscious about yours. C-section revision surgery is a popular request, so you are not alone in your desire to make a change. If you view the area as unsightly, it is a good investment in yourself to ensure you are happy with your body.

C-section treatment revision surgery is designed to produce a less-visible scar. A thick, raised or uneven scar can be made thinner and flat. With highly-refined surgical techniques, Dr. Azouz can change your obvious scar into something much more discreet and allow you to love what you see in the mirror.

Revision or Mini Tummy Tuck?

For some scars, a regular scar revision will be the perfect c-section scar removal option. However, if you have sagging skin, fat deposits and a significant c-section scar, a mini tummy tuck can take care of all three problems at one time.

The mini tummy tuck removes the excess fat and skin from below the navel to the pubic area. As part of the process, your c-section scar will be revised into a slimmer, unobtrusive incision line. It is an excellent choice if you are at a stable, healthy weight and would like a small amount of contouring to achieve a flat, smooth stomach.

Dr. Azouz is the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at Medical City Dallas, fellowship trained and board certified. He is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in Texas and sees patients from all over the world. If you are bothered by the way your c-section incision healed, contact Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery today and request a c-section removal consultation.

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