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Breast lift in Dallas, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz to lift and remove sagging skin, elevate and reshape the breasts, and correct the breasts’ asymmetries. Dr. Azouz will determine the candidacy for a breast lift by a history and physical examination and discuss the patient’s goals in terms of size, shape, and position aiming for natural-looking breasts that return a perky look to patients as they would have in their youth. Dr. Azouz performs the procedure with as minimal scarring as possible. Patients do not usually have a lot of pain with a breast lift, and recovery is usually rapid. Request your Breast Lift consultation with Dr.Azouz in Dallas by calling (972) 702-8888 and take the first step to enhance your figure!

Am I Candidate for a Breast Lift?

Many women would benefit from a breast lift. Generally, these include those with sagging breasts, nipples pointing downward, or breast tissue that has fallen. The following scenarios include the indications for a breast lift:

Sagging skin (drooping breasts)
  • Genetic drooping breasts
  • Weight loss
  • After removal of implants
Nipples out of position (pointing down)
  • Asymmetric nipple areolas
  • Enlarged nipple areolas
  • Breast Ptosis
Deflated Breasts (loss of volume)
  • After breastfeeding or pregnancy.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Benefits

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Women will different benefits after a breast lift in Dallas, such as:

  • Decrease sagging
  • Improvement of breast firmness
  • Breasts appearing more full
  • Improve cleavage (upper pole fullness)
  • Improve breast symmetry

How Do I Prepare for a Breast Lift?

Dr. Azouz recommends eating a healthy diet before and after breast lift in Dallas. Patients who smoke should quit at least two weeks prior to surgery. Aspirin and other blood thinners should generally be stopped at least a week before surgery. Patients above the age of 35 should have a baseline mammogram.

How Breast Lift is performed in Dallas

Typically, breast lift surgery involves minimalistic incisions based on how the nipple-areola needs to be repositioned. Dr. Azouz removes excess skin as necessary to provide perky breasts with a tighter skin envelope. Dr. Azouz can also reduce the areola size for a more natural, youthful appearance. A breast lift in Dallas is a day surgery, and women can return home shortly after the procedure is completed.

What Are the Expected Scars for a Breast Lift?

Dr. Azouz performs every kind of breast lift including those with the types of scar patterns:

  • Mini lift (crescent mini mastopexy)
  • Donut ( “Benelli” around the areola only)
  • Lollipop (around the areola and vertical down)
  • Anchor lift (around the areola vertical down and along the inframammary fold “wise pattern”)

picture of breast lift incisions - anchor, lollipop, donut and crescent

Why Patients Seeking The Best Results Ask for Concurrent Liposuction With A Breast Lift?

Liposuction allows Dr. Azouz to not only contour the breast but also allows Dr. Azouz to remove lateral and axillary breast tissue (lateral boob). Dr. Azouz uses multiple modalities of liposuction including:

  • Power-Assisted
  • Ultrasonic
  • High Definition
  • Safe
  • Tumescent
  • Custom Cannula

Patients often report that their bras fit better and feel more comfortable without the lateral breast tissue (lateral boob).

Anesthesia for a Breast Lift

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Dr. Azouz performs breast lifts under local anesthesia with sedation. This means that Dr. Azouz can deepen or lighten a patient’s anesthesia according to their needs and desires. If a mommy makeover is performed with a tummy tuck, the patient will need general anesthesia.  Some patients who undergo a breast lift with total body liposuction will also require deeper anesthesia.

Breast Lift Recovery

Recovery is generally pain-free, quick, and straightforward. As with any surgical procedure, it is necessary to follow Dr. Azouz’s aftercare instructions for a healthy recovery. Results of the breast lift are immediately visible and will continue to improve over time, as swelling reduces and scars fade. Patients generally return to heavy activity such as cross-fit, sports, and horseback riding six weeks after surgery.

Combination of a Breast Lift with Other Plastic Surgeries in Dallas

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Many patients feel that their large, sagging or asymmetric breasts can cause them to look “top-heavy,” square, or pear-shaped. A breast lift in Dallas can be combined with a tummy tuck or liposuction of the abdomen in many patients. Patients are able to achieve an hourglass figure by reducing or enlarging their breasts concurrently with a smaller, tighter abdomen.  Some patients also choose to have liposuction of the buttocks or legs at the same time as their breast lift. Many procedures can be combined with a breast lift including:

Breast Lift Cost

The cost of a breast lift is patient specific. After the first consultation, Dr. Azouz provides information about the total cost and financing options to make breast lift affordable for his patients. Generally, patients are able to lower the cost of their plastic surgeries by combining their breast lift with other cosmetic procedures.

Breast Lift Results

Breast lift results are seen shortly following surgery. Patients report a visible improvement to their beast’s appearance, having a more lifted, full, aesthetic appearance.

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

Breast lifts typically last for many years after surgery. The nipple-areola complex will be permanently lifted with the technique used by Dr. Azouz. Patients with good skin quality, a healthy lifestyle, and stable body weight are more likely to maintain their results.

Breast Lift Before and After Pictures

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Azouz

If you are unsatisfied with your sagging breasts and the lost youthful shape and volume you once had, see what a Breast Lift in Dallas, Texas, can do for you. Dr. Azouz will customize the procedure based on your particular cosmetic plastic surgery desires to reveal a younger, perkier version of yourself. Contact Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery online to schedule your consultation today or call us at (972) 702-8888.

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Breast Lift Surgery Patient Review for Dr. Azouz

“After seeing multiple doctors for consultations for breast reduction/lift, we ultimately decided that Dr. Azouz was hands down the best, and we have NO regrets! Him and his team were amazing, and the results even better! Other doctors pushed me to get implants and warned that there is a high probability that I would loose feeling in my nipples. Dr. Azouz gave me the exact results I wanted, without implants and no loss of feeling at all. He is hands down the best!!!”

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