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Lip trauma and disfigurement can be the result of congenital deformity, cancer, personal accidents or a workplace injury. Being a focal point of the face, lips are under constant scrutiny and difficult to disguise. Unlike a cosmetic procedure, lip reconstruction surgery must combine both the aesthetic appearance and functional restoration. Dr. Azouz of Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery can repair and rebuild damaged lips with innovative lip procedures, superior technical skill and a thorough understanding of form and function.

Lip Trauma Repair in Plano

Lip reconstruction surgery is a complex procedure requiring intricate work on underlying structures. Dr. Azouz strives to allow for the maximum amount of functionality possible, which can include more natural movements, clearer speech and general comfort. In addition, he brings an artist’s eye, recreating a lip that is as natural-looking as possible.

Lip trauma repair involves many steps, which can include removing damaged tissue and grafting undamaged skin to the area. Structural components, such as muscle, must be repaired in order to support natural function and the new lip shape. Natural lip contours can be created using facial fat grafting, and precise suturing creates a new vermillion border – the pink line surrounding and defining the lips.

You can be confident when you choose Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, as Dr. Azouz is a highly sought-after and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Why Choose Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery?

Dr. Azouz is a fellowship trained, board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience. He has received numerous awards over the years and is well-regarded by his peers for his innovative techniques, specialized equipment and refined surgical practices. His comprehensive assessment will provide you an opportunity to ask questions and explore options, allowing you to be confident in your decisions.

The office is welcoming and inclusive, with service available in English, Spanish and French. Our office team can streamline your financial arrangements and submit insurance documents or explain options for financing. We can also assist with travel needs by directing you to nearby accommodations that are comfortable and reasonably priced.

At Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, we want to empower you with an improved quality of life and strong sense of self. Contact the office to discuss lip reconstruction surgery today.

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