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Cosmetic surgery, otherwise known as aesthetic surgery, can be both exciting and overwhelming. One of the most crucial stages in this journey is the initial consultation, which allows you to meet with a board-certified surgeon and discuss your options. However, scheduling and attending this meeting can be challenging. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon allows you to meet your surgeon, ask questions, and determine which treatments and procedures are best for you. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Solomon Azouz recognizes the value of being well-informed and prepared before beginning this journey. The consultation is a two-way street. Dr. Azouz will take the time to listen carefully to your aesthetic objectives, what areas you want to improve, and your overall goals for plastic surgery. Be open and honest about your expectations; Dr. Azouz is here to guide you realistically.

  1. Before the appointment: Create a list of your medical history, including previous surgeries and medications. You may also prepare a list of questions that you would like answered during your consultation, including:
    Questions about your goals and expectations:
    What are my desired goals from this procedure?
    Are my expectations realistic?
    What are my reasons for considering plastic surgery?
    Am I doing it for myself or due to external pressures?
    What do I want to change about my body, and why do I want to change it?
    How do I feel about my body now, and how would I like to feel after plastic surgery?
  2. During the appointment: arrive at the office of Dr. Azouz a few minutes early to complete the paperwork, including demographics, insurance information, consent forms, and desired pharmacy.  The front office staff will welcome you, verify your information, and collect any payments.
  3. Meet the Nurse: A plastic surgery nurse will review your medical history and learn about your goals. It’s important to be honest about taking any medications, supplements, or recreational drugs to ensure your safety with surgery. This is an excellent time to ask any preliminary questions that you may have.
  4. Dr. Solomon Azouz

  5. Consultation with Dr. Azouz: Dr. Azouz will assess your goals for the consultation. Ask about Dr. Azouz’s expertise with the procedure or procedures you are thinking about, and be sure that you clearly explain your desired results.
    Questions about Dr. Azouz:
    How many times has Dr. Azouz performed this particular procedure?
    What are Dr. Azouz’s qualifications and board certifications?
    What is the accreditation status of the surgery center that will perform the procedure?
  6. Physical assessment: Dr. Azouz will perform an appropriate physical examination for the procedure. Patients remain in their own clothes for the physical exam to ensure hygiene. Some parts of the physical exam may include measurements or taking photographs for reference. Dr. Azouz prioritizes patient confidentiality and stores pictures securely. A scribe or nurse will be present during the physical examination as a chaperone for women.
  7. Discussing Procedures: Dr. Azouz will explain the procedure(s) in depth, outlining any possible techniques and approaches that are customized to meet your goals. Ask clarifying questions to ensure you completely comprehend the procedure.
    Questions about the procedure:
    What specific technique does Dr. Azouz use for this procedure?
    What are the possible risks and complications of this procedure? How common are they, and how are they handled?
    What will the recovery process look like? How long will this take? What limits will I encounter?
    What form of anesthesia will be used, and are there any potential risks?
    What are the long-term implications of this procedure?
  8. Understanding Financing Options: Dr. Azouz will provide a breakdown of anticipated costs for the surgery, including anesthesia and facility fees. Discuss what your insurance may cover, and look into financing options if needed.
    Questions regarding costs and financing:
    What does my insurance cover, and what will be my out-of-pocket costs?
    Does Dr. Azouz’s practice provide financing options if necessary?
    Are there any promotions or specials for cosmetic procedures?
  9. Asking Questions: Now is the moment to address any remaining issues. Refer to your prepared list and ask any questions that spring to mind. Some questions may include:
    Additional Questions:
    What if I’m not satisfied with the results?
    What precise post-operative instructions will I need to follow?
    Who will be in charge of my care while I recover?
    What if I’m traveling to Dallas for plastic surgery?
  10. Scheduling Surgery: If you feel secure and comfortable following the consultation, you can schedule your surgery on the same day as your consultation. Dr. Azouz and his staff can help with arrangements, including finding hotels near the hospital or having a ride home after surgery. You cannot use a taxi, public transportation, or rideshare service such as Uber after undergoing anesthesia.

Solomon Azouz, MDAfter Your Appointment:

Dr. Azouz and his team usually provide additional information or post-operative instructions, including specific compression garments that can help with drainless plastic surgery. Take time to process the information and discuss it with loved ones before making a final decision. Remember that you shouldn’t feel compelled to make a decision right away. Allow yourself time to fully understand the details, do further research, and talk about the procedure with people you care about. The choice to have cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal one that should be addressed and thought about. You can schedule additional visits with Dr. Azouz in person or virtually to address any additional questions before scheduling your cosmetic procedure.

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