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Why Women Are Seeking Lipedema Surgery In Texas Dallas, TX
Woman with Lipedema

Lipedema is a medical concern that leads to the excessive buildup of swollen fat cells in the body, primarily in the arms and legs, but also elsewhere that causes swelling and sometimes discomfort. It corresponds with weight gain and renders diet and exercise less efficacious. Many women are frustrated with their large legs. Beyond simply adding pounds, lipedema causes disproportionate swollen fat pockets that dramatically alter a person’s appearance.

Fortunately, there’s a special liposuction treatment called lymph-sparing liposuction that can reduce swelling, inflammation, fat cells, and discomfort that is caused by this genetically inherited problem.

What is Lipedema Surgery?

Lipedema Liposuction

Lipedema treatment is called lymph-sparing because of the careful method used to avoid harming delicate lymphatic capillaries (tiny lymph vessels throughout the body) in the lymph node basins. The lymphatic system is the body system that promotes regular collection and proliferation of lymph. Impaired lymphatics can swell fat cells and block access of the lymph vessels to clear out toxins and cellular waste.

The procedure is commonly performed using traditional liposuction tools with a specialized technique to avoid straining or damaging the lymphatic basins while removing a generous amount of fat from various body areas.

No General Anesthesia Necessary

Many people who suffer from lipedema can face further complications from the more intense anesthetics used during general anesthesia, making recovery more difficult and prolonged. Dr. Azouz can administer local anesthetic with sedation to minimize discomfort and maximum recovery. This means you are asleep and do not usually remember the procedure while breathing on your own.

Reduce Fat Tissue

Lipedema patient before and after liposuctionThe most obvious and beneficial impact of lipedema surgery is how well it is able to reduce the amount of fat stored in your problem areas. The procedure removes fat cells, weakens tight fibrous tissue around the fat, and helps the lymphatic system which can be compressed by large amounts of fat. Proper postoperative care is essential for the best results, as is returning to a healthy diet and exercise routine as soon as you’re able. Dr. Azouz will instruct you on which compression garments will optimize your results after lipedema surgery. This also helps keep swelling down, which will be present with some bruising for many weeks or more after surgery.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Lipedema patient before and after liposuctionAlong with the reduction in lipedema symptoms, patients who have fully recovered from lipedema surgery can enjoy activities and an enhanced body contour. The recovery process can take a while, especially in frequently used areas like the arms and thighs, but it’s incredibly worth it to be able to exercise, travel, wear shorts, regain confidence and even just move through your daily life with ease.

Lipedema Liposuction in Dallas, Texas

With many options for liposuction and lipedema treatment, Dr. Azouz is a leading choice for women tired of suffering from the symptoms of this often-overlooked condition. To learn more about your aesthetic and cosmetic concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us today by filling out our online form or by calling us at (972) 702-8888.

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