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Breast-Poland-SyndromePoland Syndrome is a pattern of congenital malformations that are present at birth. Individuals diagnosed with Poland syndrome have underdeveloped or absent chest muscles on one side of the body, as well as webbed fingers on the hand of the same side of the body. While Poland syndrome can affect either side of the body, it is more likely to affect the right side.

Men are affected more frequently than women and can suffer from a concave chest, or the absence of breast, nipples, and pectoralis muscles. This can cause many men to feel self-conscious about their chest appearance, causing them to avoid going shirtless or wearing fitted clothing. At Azouz Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Azouz can help to create a masculine chest appearance for a boost in confidence.

What Can Be Done to Treat Poland Syndrome?

Reconstructive surgery of the chest can be done to help restore a natural-looking chest appearance. The reconstructive techniques used to correct your chest will depend on the severity of your condition. Dr. Azouz may recommend the use of tissue expanders, implants, or TRAM muscle flaps. Men are often treated with customized chest implants and muscle flaps to create a natural-looking solution. Surgical tattooing is often used to create the appearance of an areola and nipple. Ultimately, a consultation is needed to help determine if you are a good candidate for reconstructive surgery, and if so, which surgical technique should be used to correct your condition.

If you are living with Poland syndrome and are interested in discussing reconstructive options with Dr. Azouz, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in the Dallas, TX area.

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