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smiling womanA mommy makeover involves the combination of surgical procedures, such as a tummy tuck or breast enhancement. These surgeries work to restore your youthful, pre-pregnancy body. Pregnancy can affect your abdomen by creating stretch marks or leaving stubborn pockets of fat resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. Your breasts may also be affected by pregnancy by losing their perky shape and/or volume. In other cases, a mommy makeover is not limited to your abdomen and breasts. If you have problem areas located on your thighs, arms or wish to undergo a labiaplasty, a mommy makeover may be the perfect solution to fit your needs.

A good candidate for a mommy makeover will be in overall good health and have fat in problem areas, such as the stomach, or stretched, sagging skin. If you have medical conditions that could potentially interfere with the surgery, please speak to Dr. Azouz to help determine the best course of action. Women who smoke are advised to stop smoking as soon as possible since it can lead to complications. A good candidate may also have lost volume in the chest and would like to get back their perky and full body figure. If your chest has become larger since having children, leading to unbearable back pain, a mommy makeover can also be an effective solution with a breast reduction. A mommy makeover is custom fit to your unique body shape and aesthetic desires. If you are unhappy with your post-pregnancy body, restore your body shape with a mommy makeover. This procedure allows more comfort and confidence when buying new clothes or fitting into summer swimwear.

For more information about the benefits of a mommy makeover and if you are a good candidate, contact Dr. Azouz’s office right away to schedule your consultation. It’s time to refresh your body and feel great again!

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