Plastic Surgery in Richardson, TX

Here are some tips for a safe surgery in Richardson, TX:

  1. If you want to be perfectly sure, ask for a referral from the doctor who is currently treating your medical problem. Nine times out of 10, he is the one who will ask you to talk to a surgeon, and he usually knows the best one to approach for your specific condition. Doctors performing surgery in Richardson, TX have specialties.
  2. Once you have found your surgeon, make sure to look for the following credentials:

Board Certification. This is one of the best signs of a surgeon’s competence. A surgical board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties will award their certification to surgeons who have completed residency training (often lasting years) in their professed specialties. They have also completed a rigorous examination; this exhibiting competence and knowledge.

ACS Fellowship. A surgeon with “F.A.C.S” (Fellow of the American College of Surgeons) is also an indication that the surgeon has been evaluated both for ethical fitness and professional competence. Fellows are also board-certified, or have met other qualifications that are comparable to board certification.

Practice in Accredited Healthcare Facilities. Anyone legit enough to perform surgery in Richardson, TX should be able to gain entry in an Accredited Healthcare Facility. These centers (hospitals or ambulatory surgery centers) should be accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). A separate accreditation option may also be available for outpatient surgery centers or ever ambulatory ones.

A fully-trained surgeon is not just a doctor. He had completed years of training in a recognized residency program after a rigorous med-school training. This makes sure that anyone under his care with be happy with their results.

Procedures Performed

Breast Procedures

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

Breast Reduction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Revision Surgery

Male Breast Reduction

Poland’s Syndrome

Body Procedures


Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover

Body Lift Surgery

Arm Lift

Thigh Lift


Face Procedures

Eyelid Surgery



Neck Lift

Ear Surgery

Brow Lift

About Richardson Texas

Once you have decided to have surgery in Richardson Texas, you might consider the accommodations, attractions, and entertainment that come with the city. Before arriving in Richardson, book your stay with one of many featured hotels including Courtyard by Marriott, Hampton Inn & Suites, and Holiday Inn. No matter what time of year you decide to plan your stay, the city can provide you with adventure, relaxation, or family memories.

During your stay in Richardson, you can find entertainment at the Charles W. Eisemann Center, the city’s popular performance hall for music, dance, comedy, and theatre. If you prefer to be outdoors, you can check out some of Richardson’s 40 miles of trails and 23 miles of walkways. Richardson is also known for its award-winning festival scene with festivals going on all year long where you can experience art, food, and music. Richardson also has over 50 shopping centers including specialty boutiques, antiques, collectable shops, bookstores, and outdoor shopping.

No matter when you’re having your procedure or who you choose to bring with you, there is something for everyone in the city of Richardson, TX. To learn more about what you can do and see in Richardson Texas, visit

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