Plastic surgery in University Park, TX

A highly experienced surgeon in the fields of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, Dr. David Azouz has been practicing in the Dallas area for over 30 years now. You can get surgical procedures for everything including facelift, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, tummy tuck and liposuction at Dr. Azouz’s surgical center. He is one of the top breast surgeons in the area and has a special place in his heart for reconstructive procedures ensuring each patient gets the most natural results from breast reconstruction after their mastectomy.

Patients in University Park, Tx can get surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, body contouring or skin problems. Dr. Azouz’s vast experience and surgical expertise mean that each procedure is flawlessly perfect, healing is fast and the results are natural.

Facial procedures

Dr. Azouz performs facial surgery for both men and women using the latest cutting-edge techniques that allow him to deliver the best results for his patients. If you are looking to remove any loose and excessive skin from your face or neck, he can use different facelift techniques to give you the results you desire. You can also rejuvenate your eyelids, ears or eyebrows with various procedures. One of the most commonly requested facial procedures is rhinoplasty which aims at improving the appearance of your nose. Patients in University Park can choose from the following procedures:

Breast procedures

There are several reasons why women opt for breast procedures and not just augmentation. Age, genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding and massive weight loss leads to many changes in the breast tissue including sagging tissue, droopiness, loss of volume and asymmetry. Dr. Azouz specializes in breast reconstruction after mastectomy and restoring muscular chest appearance in men suffering from gynecomastia and Poland’s syndrome. He strives to offer the most natural looking breasts with the use of the least invasive option for each procedure. The breast procedures offered in University Park include:

Body procedures

Even though you may be near your ideal weight, there could be some stubborn areas on your body that you wish to enhance. You can discuss these areas of stubborn fat deposits or loose skin with Dr. Azouz during your consultation and he will create the most suitable body contouring treatment plan for you. Women may see certain changes in their body after childbirth that they wish to cosmetically enhance and that is when Dr. Azouz offers them various treatments under the mommy makeover procedure. He also offers sensitive procedures like Labiaplasty to offer consistent and natural results that are safe and effective for women. When in University Park, you can choose from the following body contouring procedures:

Skin procedures

There are many reasons why our skin begins aging early; this includes exposure to the sun, lifestyle, nutrition and even genetics. Most of these are difficult to avoid but in the expert hands of Dr. Azouz and his team, revolutionary new methods are used to restore your youthful appearance. Only laser treatments which are safe for your skin and eliminates wrinkles, deep lines, sun damage, acne and scars are used. The center in University Park also offers:

Procedures for men

Men who have been suffering from either enlarged breast glands (gynecomastia) or Poland’s syndrome where the chest seems concave with underdeveloped chest muscles can benefit from the cosmetic procedures available. Dr. Azouz chooses customized techniques for each of his patients depending on the severity of their condition and other factors. As with other procedures, he offers complete care and support to all his patients in University Park from consultation till a healthy recovery and beyond. Here are the procedures men can choose:

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