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As the lips are the focal point of the lower half of your face, their shape and size draw a great deal of attention. If aging or genetics have caused your lips to sag and turn down at the corners, you may project a perpetually angry, irritated or unhappy appearance. You may also lack the voluminous upper lip, which distorts your features and makes your face seem unbalanced. Another common culprit of this distortion is increased space between the lip and nose, which may be genetic or due to aging. With aging, it is often accompanied by wrinkles, making you look even older. Lip lift surgery can correct all of these issues for younger-looking and balanced features.

Why Choose a Lip Lift Procedure?

Lip lift surgery provides a permanent solution to address many common lip concerns. With lip lift plastic surgery, the vertical distance between the mouth and nose is reduced and can also turn up the corners of the mouth, for a neutral expression and youthful appearance. You will appear content, approachable and no longer angry, sad or aged.

Different surgical techniques are used to achieve different outcomes, but lip lift surgery can address:

  • Unbalanced proportions between the lips and nose
  • Too-long upper lip
  • Age-related sagging lips
  • Thin or thinning lips
  • Lips that cover too much of the teeth
  • Turned-down corners
  • Shortened upper lip

Lip lift procedures are suitable for patients of all ages, have minimal downtime and provide a significant positive impact on your appearance.

Lip Filler Alternative in Richardson

Lip lift surgery is the best choice for those who do not want, or will not benefit from, lip filler fat grafting. An in-person or virtual consultation with Dr. Azouz can provide a thorough examination of your facial structure and take into account your aesthetic goals. Always striving for the most natural result, his open communication style will ensure you understand what options are available and what he believes will provide the best possible outcome. As a fellowship trained, board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience, you can trust Dr. Azouz to create a stunning lip and mouth transformation.

Contact Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery today to find out if a lip lift is right for you.

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