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woman holding stomachYou’ve had your consultations, evaluations, and your lab tests— the day of your tummy tuck is finally almost here! But before you walk in for your tummy tuck, here are a few last-minute things you should know about healing, as well as a checklist to be prepared.

You will need two weeks of little to no activity including time off from work, care for your children, pets, laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. The first two to three days are the most painful and tiresome, but your discomfort, swelling, and bruising will slowly subside. Be sure to have an area where you can lay that keeps your upper body elevated, such as a recliner or several pillows for your bed.

Your Pre-surgery Checklist

  • Clean— After a few days of relaxing, it may drive you nuts to have a messy house! If this sounds like you, it will help avoid the urge to move around too much.
  • Arrange for some assistance— If you’re a “do it yourselfer,” this may be the hardest part. You will need assistance changing, getting out of bed, etc. for the first few days.
  • Food prep— Unless you have someone to cook for you, you will need to prepare two weeks of meals in advance. We suggest Jell-O, pudding, frozen dinners, or freezable food like soup.
  • Meds— You will be prescribed pain medication to assist you in the healing process. Make sure to purchase these as well as the suggested dressings and bandages beforehand.
  • Shower— This may sound silly, but you will not be able to shower for about two to five days after because your drains cannot get wet!
  • Entertainment— Find things to pass the time. You could catch up on your reading, play board games, or simply enjoy your favorite movie.

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