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working out after gynecomastia surgery

Many patients are eager to get back to their regular exercise routines after gynecomastia surgery, but it’s important to follow the post-operative instructions given by board-certified Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Solomon Azouz. Resuming exercise too soon can affect your recovery, which is essential for your safety and the results of your surgery. After gyno surgery in Dallas, each patient has a different recovery period before starting to exercise again. Here is a guideline on when to start exercising after gynecomastia surgery:

    1. Listen to Your Plastic Surgeon:
      During your follow-up appointments after surgery, Dr. Azouz will give you comprehensive post-operative instructions. These instructions will provide detailed instructions on when you can gradually resume exercising.

what to expect after gynecomastia surgery

    1. Immediate Post-Op Period:
      Rest and recovery should be prioritized in the immediate postoperative period. Light activities, such as short walks, can be helpful if recommended by your cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Dr. Azouz recommends avoiding strenuous activity at this stage.
    2. 1-2 weeks after Gynecomastia Surgery:
      You should avoid engaging in any vigorous physical activities for the first one to two weeks following surgery. Exercise that is too strenuous can cause complications, increased swelling, hematomas, and discomfort as your body takes time to heal.

exercising after gyno surgery

    1. 2-4 weeks after Gynecomastia Surgery:
      You may be able to gradually resume low-impact exercises from two to four weeks after your surgery. This could involve brisk cycling on a stationary bike or light stretching. It’s important to speak with Dr. Azouz before attempting these activities.
    2. 4-6 weeks after Gynecomastia surgery:
      Around the four to six-week mark, the majority of patients can usually resume more demanding exercises, such as jogging, weightlifting, preacher curls, leg presses, pushups, pullups, bench presses, and intense workouts. It’s still important to listen to your body and avoid overworking yourself at this point. Dr. Azouz may also recommend that you continue wearing your compression garments during your workouts.

workouts for gynecomastia

Keep in mind that different people will respond to exercise differently. During follow-up appointments, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz will evaluate your progress and give you appropriate advice. Your overall health and how strictly you followed the post-operative instructions may also influence how quickly you recover.

Tips for working out after gyno surgery in Dallas

  • Avoid heavy lifting in the early stages of your recovery, as it may strain the surgical area
  • Always wear the compression garments as advised by Dr. Azouz
  • Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated
  • Keep an eye out for any signs of pain, discomfort, or unusual swelling and notify Dr. Azouz promptly
  • When you do start exercising at typically six weeks, Dr. Azouz often recommends pushups, pullups, bench press, and flys

It is important to highlight that the key to a successful gynecomastia surgery recovery is patience and communication with Dr. Azouz. Following Dr. Azouz’s advice and allowing your body the necessary time to heal will ensure the best possible results.

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workouts for gynecomastia removal | Dr. Solomon Azouz in Dallas, TX

Keep in mind that every patient is unique, and your post-operative instructions may differ from those of others. Dr. Azouz gives his patients specific, individualized recommendations before and after surgery. Call the office at (972) 702-8888 for more information on gynecomastia surgery or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Azouz.

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