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breast cosmetic surgeryBreast augmentation surgery can give you a whole new sense of confidence. You want to keep feeling young in your new body, and below are steps that can help you do that. To ensure your breast implants continue to feel and look amazing, read below.

Supportive bras are a must

It is important to invest in quality bras that will offer support to your newly sized breasts. Your old bras will not do the trick anymore. Bras should provide minimal bounce and support that keeps your breasts from the weight of gravity. Good quality sports bras are even more important, as physical activity can take a toll on your breasts over the years.

Massage your breasts

Following surgery, Dr. Azouz will give you directions on how to massage your breasts and how often to do this. As time goes on, you will not have to massage your breasts as often, however, this is something you should continue to do at least once a day. Massaging your breasts ensure that the implants will continue to move just as naturally as your body.

Follow post-op instructions and attend follow-up appointments

Dr. Azouz will provide you with a list of post-surgery instructions, and it is important to follow these as they will create a successful and quick recovery. You should also attend any follow-up appointments that are scheduled, as the visits can assess your progress and help you adjust to your breasts. This is also a time to go over any concerns that you may have for the future.

For more tips on how to keep your implants in perfect condition, call our office in Dallas, Texas today!

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