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Doctor holds silicone implant in gloves. Doctor holds silicone implant in gloves.

topless womanIn some cases, patients might be advised to remove either their saline or silicone breast implants due to health and cosmetic concerns. Both saline and silicone breast implants may need to be replaced as they can leak and rupture over time. Patients need to learn about the signs to identify a possible implant rupture in case it happens. If a leak or rupture in your breast implants occurs Dr. Azouz suggests having your saline or silicone implants removed. If this is your case, arrange an initial consultation with Dr. Azouz in Dallas by calling (972) 702-8888.

Signs to consider Saline or Silicone implant removal

Saline or Silicone implant rupture signs are completely different, understanding how these devices behave in case of rupture, patients can act as quickly as possible and look for medical assistance.

Saline Rupture
When a saline implant has ruptured, it will start to deflate and the saline will be reabsorbed by the body. The affected breast will experience a change in shape and size. The saline leak can happen at once or it can take a few days. This can leave you with a deflated misshapen breast.
Silicone Rupture
It is common that a silicone rupture goes unnoticed. Once the silicone implant breaks the silicone gel will remain inside the implant or leak into the surrounding tissue. Silicone Rupture is known as a silent rupture since many patients do not realize that their silicone implant has ruptured. However, over time some patients report pain and/or tenderness in the breast.

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Maintenance

After a breast augmentation, Dallas board-certified Dr. Azouz, encourages you to keep all of your future appointments for an annual physical exam of your implants. During your annual exam, Dr. Azouz will determine if you need imaging such as an MRI to check the integrity of your implants or if he suggests removal of your breast implants.

What are my surgical combination options with Implant Removal?

After saline or silicone implant removal, the breasts do not come back to the original condition and this can lead to an unwanted cosmetic result, such as sagging, deflation, or asymmetry. Although some women choose just to have their implants removed others would like to undergo combination surgeries to recreate full breasts. The most common combination surgeries are implant removal with a breast lift and implant removal with implant replacement. During your consultation with Dr. Azouz, he will review all of your surgical options and create a surgical plan to meet your specific aesthetic goals.

How to pick the best plastic surgeon for breast implant removal?

When choosing the plastic surgeon to perform your implant removal surgery there are a few questions you should ask.

  • Is the plastic surgeon board certified? At Azouz Plastic Surgery plastic surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • How often does the surgeon perform this surgery? Dr. Azouz performs this surgery multiple times a week.
  • How many years of experience does the plastic surgeon have? Dr. Azouz has over 35 years of experience.
  • Does the surgeon operate at an accredited facility? Dr. Azouz has privileges at multiple accredited facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Azouz

Breast implants technology has made them last a long time; however, cracks can happen over time to anyone. If you suspect having a breast implant rupture, schedule now an explant removal consultation with Dr. Azouz in Dallas by calling (972) 702-8888.

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