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male breast plastic, gynecomastia

doctors appointmentGynecomastia is a condition where a man has enlarged breasts, which may cause discomfort or low self- confidence in their appearance. Larger breasts can be due to a number of thing such as hormones or an accumulation of fat in the breast area. Sometimes gynecomastia will resolve on its own, however, the condition can prove to be difficult to treat with just a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you suffer from larger breasts and are on the fence about undergoing breast reduction surgery, read below for a few reasons as to how you can benefit.

With unwanted excess tissue in the breast area, it can leave you feeling less masculine and your clothes may not fit as you want them to. No longer will you have to buy larger shirts to cover your body! Gynecomastia can restore your confidence and leave you feeling masculine again.

This area can be more difficult to treat with diet and exercise alone. Contrary to popular believe, being overweight is not the only reason that can lead to larger breasts for men. Undergoing male breast reduction will contour your body and give you the figure you’ve been working for. There is no reason to hide under layers of clothes or avoid the gym!

The reasons to consider male breast reduction and restore your confidence are endless. If you or someone you know may be a candidate for male breast reduction surgery, contact Dr. Azouz Plastic Surgery in Dallas, Texas to schedule your consultation.

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