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What are the symptoms and treatment for Osteoma?

An osteoma is a benign tumor that is formed out of bone, it develops at birth or appears suddenly in the forehead or other parts of the skull being a cosmetical concern for some patients. Osteomas usually do not have any symptoms. In some other cases, osteomas can cause pain such as headaches, infections, vision problems, and hearing loss. Fortunately, Osteoma removal surgery performed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Azouz in Dallas can be a highly effective treatment and help patients to recover self-esteem.

Does an osteoma need to be removed?

Osteomas are not cancerous; however, they affect patients’ self-confidence. The most common place for an osteoma to grow is the forehead which can be an unwanted focal point. The benefit of osteoma removal is you will no longer have a distraction tumor on your head, which can help regain your confidence in day-to-day life. Many patients are very pleased to have no longer bone growth protruding from their forehead. Patients who experience the side effects of osteomas report that their pain and other health-related issues diminish with the removal of the osteoma.

While performing osteoma removal, Dr. Azouz uses sutures that are finer than human hair which helps create a small and clean incision line that eventually fades with time and sun protection. During osteoma removal surgery Dr. Azouz (in most cases) will use sedation and local anesthesia. Dr. Azouz’s patients report that they have a quicker postoperative recovery compared to general anesthesia. Some patients decide to have osteoma removal along with other plastic and cosmetic surgeries with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz. Here are a few of the surgeries that Dr.Azouz commonly combines with osteoma removal.

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During your initial consultation, Dr. Azouz will determine which surgical plan is the best to achieve optimal results with your osteoma removal surgery. Contact Dr. Azouz by calling (972) 702-8888 and schedule your initial virtual or in-person consultation in Dallas.

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