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A man considering gyno surgery squeezing his boobs.

Gynecomastia surgery, sometimes referred to as gyno surgery, is a popular treatment for reducing male breasts or “man boobs”. During the procedure, plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz will make a small camouflage incision below the areola to remove the gynecomastia tissue with a minimally invasive technique, which is typically carried out under local anesthesia and sedation. Gynecomastia recovery involves swelling, but massage treatment is one method for reducing swelling and accelerating recovery.

Patients frequently experience swelling following gyno surgery as a result of lymphatic fluid build up in the chest. After gynecomastia surgery, lymphatic drainage massage can speed up recovery and help minimize swelling. Dr. Azouz uses a variety of surgical techniques including Drainless gynecomastia surgery in order to allow the lymphatic system to be preserved and to begin working immediately after surgery.

The goal of lymphatic drainage massage is to gently stimulate the lymphatic system to encourage the body’s own natural lymphatic fluid drainage. Massage after gyneconmastia surgery helps in improving circulation and encouraging the elimination of extra fluids. Lymphatic drainage massage can aid after surgery to minimize swelling and irritation. Massage can also help with scar tissue that can build up after gynecomastia surgery. Dr. Azouz recommends that patients begin with performing their own post gynecomastia surgery massage prior to working with a massage therapist. Dr. Azouz does not often recommend the use of a massage roller or massage gun as this can sometimes cause more scar tissue to build up.

A fit man performing post gynecomastia surgery massage.

Following gynecomastia surgery, lymphatic drainage massage has numerous benefits:

  • Reduces swelling: Swelling is a frequent side effect after man boob removal surgery brought on by the buildup of lymphatic fluid in the chest. By enhancing lymphatic circulation and triggering the body’s natural removal of extra fluids, lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce swelling.
  • Promotes recovery: Lymphatic drainage massage helps speed up the healing process by promoting the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the operative area. This can decrease the possibility of problems and improve the healing process.
  • Improved pain: Lymphatic drainage massage can ease discomfort by easing pressure on the tissues around it and by promoting relaxation.

It is crucial to hold off on starting massage therapy following surgery until Dr. Azouz has given the all-clear. Dr. Azouz’s patients have multiple follow-up appointments in his office or virtually after their gynecomastia surgery, where he can assess when they are ready to begin massaging and moisturizing their chest.

A massage therapist performing lymphatic drainage massage on the chest of a man after gyno surgery.

Once patients are ready to start massage therapy after gyno surgery, Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz recommends these techniques for optimal results:

  • Start slowly: With your fingertips, start by gently massaging the region surrounding the incision. To avoid pain and discomfort, don’t press too firmly. As the area becomes less sensitive, gradually increase the pressure.
  • Use a mild touch when massaging the surgery region in order to minimize pain. The pressure should be strong enough to produce a sensation but not painfully so.
  • Move in a circular motion: Starting from the outside of the chest and working your way inward, massage the area in a circular manner. This will facilitate lymphatic drainage and help to decrease the swelling. Then massage toward the lymph node basin in your armpit to clear the fluid.
  • Keep the area clean: Before beginning the massage, check to make sure the chest is clean and dry. Dr. Azouz will recommend specific moisturizers during the follow up appointments after gyno surgery
  • Follow Dr. Azouz’s advice: Always adhere to Dr. Azouz’s recommendations on when to begin massaging and how often to do so. Plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz will make particular recommendations depending on your unique circumstances after your gynecomastia surgery.
Gynecomastia Before & After
gyno removal surgery before and after by Dr. Solomon Azouz in Dallas, TX

After gynecomastia surgery, massage therapy may assist to speed up recovery. Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz may also recommend more massage techniques during your follow up appointments. To avoid any difficulties, it is crucial to stick to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz’s recommendations. You can expect a good recovery and the benefits of your male breast reduction surgery if you take care of yourself. If you are considering gyno surgery, call Dr. Azouz’s office at (972) 702-8888 to schedule your consultation.

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