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emergent plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgery

Emergencies can happen at any time, leaving us vulnerable and unsure of what to do next. However, whether it comes to injuries to the face, hands, or major tissue damage, getting immediate attention from a board-certified plastic surgeon can be life-changing.

Many people link plastic surgery to cosmetic procedures. However, the specialty covers a considerably broader range, with a strong emphasis on reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgeons are especially suited to address a wide range of emergencies because of their extensive training.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Solomon Azouz is a top choice in Dallas for emergency plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgery. Dr. Azouz is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in aesthetic, cosmetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery, enabling him to address both aesthetic and functional outcomes after surgery. Furthermore, his extensive training in microsurgery has prepared him to perform delicate repairs to the face and hands, which are critical for optimal recovery following an emergency.

Dr. Solomon Azouz | Plastic and Reconstructive Emergency Surgery in DallasA Unique Skill Set

  • Masters of Anatomy: Plastic surgeons have a thorough awareness of the delicate structures beneath the skin, such as muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. This enables them to accurately treat injuries while minimizing damage to nearby tissues.
  • Microsurgical Techniques: Microsurgery is the use of specialized devices and techniques to repair delicate structures such as nerves and arteries in the face and hands. This skill set is essential for restoring function and avoiding persistent difficulties.
  • Wound Healing Expertise: Plastic surgeons specialize in facilitating optimal wound healing, which minimizes scarring and the risk of infection. This is especially relevant for facial cuts and burns.

Injuries in Plastic and Hand Surgery

Facial injuries: Severe face injuries caused by car accidents, falls, assaults, or sports-related occurrences may necessitate emergency care. This comprises fractures of the facial bones, soft tissue injuries, and lacerations that impair the aesthetics and functions of the face.

Hand Trauma: Deep lacerations, crush injuries, amputations, and avulsions are common hand injuries that necessitate prompt attention from a hand surgeon. In some cases, immediate emergency surgery may be required to preserve the function and mobility of the hand, which are critical for everyday tasks and living.

Burn Injuries: Severe burns, whether thermal, chemical, or electrical, necessitate immediate treatment by a board-certified plastic surgeon. This includes determining the degree of the burn injury, providing wound care, performing skin grafts, and implementing scar management measures to promote healing and prevent problems.

Soft Tissue Infections: Necrotizing fasciitis, a rapidly developing bacterial infection of the soft tissues, is a potentially fatal condition that may demand immediate surgical debridement and repair by a board-certified plastic surgeon to stop the spread of infection and maintain tissue viability.

Crush Injuries: Crush injuries to the limbs or other body parts can cause extensive tissue damage, including muscle, nerves, and blood vessels. Surgical intervention may be necessary to repair damaged tissues, repair nail beds, restore blood flow, and avoid consequences like compartment syndrome.

Avulsions and Amputations: Avulsion injuries occur when tissue is forcibly pulled away from its usual position. Traumatic amputations necessitate emergent surgical intervention to reattach or reconstruct the injured tissue, restore blood flow, and improve functional results.

Facial Lacerations: Deep facial lacerations or injuries to essential structures such as nerves or blood vessels may necessitate delicate surgical repair by a board-certified plastic surgeon to minimize scarring and preserve facial aesthetics and function.

Reconstructive Surgery: Some issues arise as a result of previous surgical procedures or trauma, such as tissue necrosis, flap failure, or wound dehiscence. These complications may require urgent reconstructive procedures to address impaired tissue viability and prevent subsequent issues.

Implant infections: Breast implants can rupture over time as a result of tension or trauma. This opens up a channel for bacteria to enter the implant and surrounding tissue. Dr. Azouz can conduct a comprehensive examination of the implant and surrounding tissue to identify the severity of the infection. In many cases, particularly with serious infections or ruptured implants, the implant(s) must be removed to allow for proper treatment.

Scars: In emergency settings, the major emphasis of any wound is to control bleeding, prevent infection, and ensure normal healing. While decreasing scars is not the immediate goal, these first measures build the framework for greater cosmetic results in the long term. After the incision has healed completely and the risk of infection decreases, Dr. Azouz can discuss scar revision options with you to further improve the appearance of the scar.

Solomon Azouz, MD | Emergency plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgery

Dr. Solomon Azouz delivers exceptional experience and dedication to emergency care situations. Dr. Azouz has considerable training and experience in plastic surgery, microsurgery, and hand surgery, allowing him to treat a wide range of emergency cases with accuracy and skill. Dr. Azouz emphasizes patient well-being and satisfaction above all else. With a compassionate bedside approach and clear communication, he ensures that patients are informed, supported, and empowered throughout their treatment. Dr. Azouz’s practice incorporates cutting-edge surgical technologies and techniques. From minimally invasive surgeries to novel technologies, he uses every resource available to improve patient outcomes. If you are looking for emergency treatment for plastic, reconstructive, or hand surgery in Dallas, call the office at (972) 702-8888 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today!

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