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Common Reasons Earlobe Reduction Surgery is Performed Dallas, TX

Some people born with larger-than-average earlobes feel self-conscious about their appearance and seek cosmetic solutions. Others have stretched their pierced earlobes by wearing earrings that are too large or too heavy. Regardless of the reason, earlobe reduction surgery can offer permanent relief. Listed below are common reasons people choose to have earlobe reduction surgery.

For a Youthful Appearance

Sagging earlobes might not be the first thought that springs to mind when considering how gravity affects your body as you age, but the truth is, they can sag just like the rest of your body. As we age, our earlobes get longer and droop out of proportion to the rest of our ears and faces. An earlobe reduction can fix this, returning the earlobe to its original size and shape.

To Wear Jewelry Again

People who wear heavy earrings may find that the weight of the earrings gradually stretches out the piercing hole to the point where they cannot put on earrings. If this has happened to you and you miss wearing jewelry to express your style, earlobe reduction surgery is an excellent option.

To Eliminate Gauged Earlobes

Some people use ear gauges or spacers to enlarge the piercing hole purposefully. Unfortunately, these holes become irreversibly stretched and can only be repaired with ear surgery. However, it is advised for people with ear spacers to take them out and wait for the tissue to shrink before surgery.

Recovery from Earlobe Reduction Surgery

Recovery time from an earlobe reduction varies from person to person. On average, a full recovery from the operation can be expected after only a week.
Tips for recovery after an earlobe reduction:

  • Avoid sleeping on the treated areas
  • Most doctors recommend that you relax and not engage in strenuous physical activity for a week after the procedure, but you can resume regular activities the following day
  • Do not apply pressure to the treated regions until the stitches are removed

Earlobe Reduction Surgery in Dallas

If you have stretched or sagging earlobes, contact us at Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery or visit our office in Dallas, Texas. We can schedule your consultation with Dr. Azouz for earlobe reduction surgery today.

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