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doctor makes cosmetic injection on beautiful woman face

woman during the medical examMany individuals are inspired by celebrities when considering plastic surgery. Maybe they love the way Meghan Markle’s nose looks, or desire Kylie Jenner’s lips. However, what happens when a patient becomes obsessed with looking like a certain celebrity and keeps coming back for more surgery- should the surgeon refuse procedures?

Plastic surgeons understand that many patients will find certain celebrities attractive and will want to emulate their facial features. Many patents will bring photos of celebrities to their surgeon as a point of reference. While in the past, surgeons were taught not to treat patients who wished to look like celebrities, this idea has shifted to be commonplace. Now, most surgeons welcome the idea of patients bringing in photos of what they would like to have done. This allows for a conversation to discuss whether what they desire is possible for their anatomy, and if not, for a personalized plan to be created to help them reach their individual aesthetic goals.

When Admiration turns to Obsession

While surgeons are aware of a patient’s right to choose whether or not plastic surgery is something they wish to undergo, they have the power to say no to a client. There are some patients who begin their plastic surgery journey wishing to look similar to a certain celebrity, but then they begin to become obsessed with looking exactly like them. When this occurs, surgeons must distinguish between individuals who are aiming for self-improvement and those who are obsessed. In cases where the obsession is unhealthy, surgeons must turn these patients away.

And while these ethical doctors will turn obsessed patients away, there will always be surgeons who will operate. Overall, patients should trust their surgeon if he or she tells them that it is time to slow down on the plastic surgery procedures. Remember- plastic surgery should help you to look like the best version of yourself; not someone else.

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