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5 Amazing Benefits of a Mini-Facelift Dallas, TX
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If the thought of invasive facial surgery scares you or your facial aging is not severe enough for a complete facelift, consider a mini-facelift. This non-invasive procedure can treat early aging signs – including neck wrinkles, droopy jowls and sagging lower cheeks – without the pain and inconvenience of a complete facelift. Listed below are the five main benefits of getting a mini-facelift.

Benefits of a Mini-Facelift

Faster Recovery: Since the mini-facelift is non-invasive and targets a considerably smaller area of your face, your skin heals faster, resulting in a shorter recovery period. For example, mini facelifts only take 3-5 days to recover, whereas traditional facelift patients may require 4-5 weeks.

Mini-facelifts have even earned the nickname “weekend facelifts” among plastic surgeons because many patients undergo them on Friday and return to work on Monday. So, even though you will have to come back seven days after the procedure to remove the sutures, like with traditional facelifts, you will not have to miss work while waiting for that to happen.

Less Pain: Since mini facelifts are less invasive, most patients feel minimal post-procedure pain or discomfort. Although minor pain, bruising, or swelling may be expected, they are significantly less severe than those experienced after a complete facelift and disappear over several weeks.

Twilight Anesthesia: Mini facelifts are typically performed using a combination of a local anesthetic and twilight sedation, unlike traditional facelifts, which often require general anesthesia. Twilight anesthesia lowers the likelihood of patients experiencing anesthesia-related risks and side effects such as vomiting and nausea.

This also reduces recovery time, as you do not need to depend on getting a ride to and from the clinic if you have a local anesthetic because you can drive yourself home.

Reduced Risk of Scarring: A mini-facelift has fewer and shorter incisions, which reduces the risk of scarring. Since the cuts are located around your hairline and ears, any scarring is minor and easier to hide once healing is complete.

Less Expensive: Mini facelifts are less complicated, quicker and do not require general anesthesia, resulting in reduced surgeon fees and facility costs. As a result, a mini facelift is overall less expensive than a traditional facelift.

Mini Facelift Consultation in Dallas

If you are unhappy with your appearance and want a mini facelift, you can trust Dr. David Azouz to meet your cosmetic goals and deliver outstanding outcomes. Contact us at Azouz Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery or visit our office in Dallas, Texas. We can schedule your mini facelift consultation with Dr. Azouz today.

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