Breast Implant Removal: Questions to Ask While Considering Surgery

Deciding to get breast surgery is a big decision that takes much consideration and research. Breast augmentation involves many decisions that need to be made such as implant type, size, shape, and location. Dallas surgeon, Dr. David Azouz, works with his patients fervently to help them achieve their desired results so they can feel confident. However, eventually, some patients may decide that they no longer want their implants or maybe the implant ruptures and it needs to be removed. Whatever the reason, Dr. Azouz offers breast implant removal surgery at his Dallas practice. When meeting with Dr. Azouz for your breast implant removal consultation, there will be a few key questions that you will want to ask.

How Much Does a Breast Implant Removal Cost?

This is an important question to ask as you want to know if you will be able to afford the surgery and what the financing options are. Dr. Azouz will determine the cost of your breast implant removal during the consultation period. Breast implant removal surgery does not have one single cost for everyone since the surgery is highly individualized. After the consultation, you will understand the cost and your payment options.  

What Surgeries Can I Combine With My Breast Implant Removal?

Another important question to bring up during the consultation is what surgeries can be combined with breast implant removal. If you have had your implants for a while, then your breasts have surely changed and grown accustomed to the implants. Removing them will affect the breasts. To reach your ideal look, a couple of procedures may be needed to improve the breasts. Talk to Dr. Azouz about your options. Some combination surgeries may include liposuction, breast lift, or breast implant replacement.

How Long is the Recovery for Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Knowing what to prepare for before undergoing surgery is very important. You will need to be fully informed of what to expect during the recovery period to know how much work and school to take off and if you will need assistance in your home. The breast implant removal recovery is similar to the recovery period spent on breast augmentation. You will be suited with a surgical bra and will have limited activity until cleared by Dr. Azouz. He will go over the recovery with you in more detail during the consultation appointment.

How Should I Choose My Plastic Surgeon For a Breast Implant Removal?

When deciding which surgeon to go for, for a breast implant removal surgery, you should ask some key questions. Is the surgeon board-certified? Do they have experience? Do they have photos of previous patients who have undergone the same procedure? How frequently do they perform the procedure that you want?

An experienced, trustworthy surgeon will have no problem answering these questions for you. Dr. David Azouz in Dallas, Texas is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience helping patients to reach their goals. He will go over all the aspects of breast implant removal with you in detail from the preparation steps through recovery. He will work with you to make sure your breast implant removal surgery goes smoothly.

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Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Azouz discusses Exchanging Breast Implants and Breast Implant Removal

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures but breast implants placed in Dallas and around the United States today are different than those placed years ago.  Previous breast implants were made with liquid or semi-liquid silicone. When breast implants placed in the 1980s and 1990s rupture they deflate and leak out like syrup. Modern breast implants are better manufactured with materials that will help keep the implants together.  A ruptured modern breast implant better resembles a cut gummy bear.

Breast implants provide women an ideal breast shape, size, and contour.  Traditionally It is recommended that breast implants be replaced or removed every ten years but many patients maintain their same breast implants for twenty, or even more than thirty years.  Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. David Azouz performs breast implant removal or breast implant revision for women who have a variety of issues with their breast implants regardless of when they were put in.  

What are the reasons a breast implant should be removed or replaced?

There are various reasons why you may consider removing or replacing your breast implants. These reasons could be cosmetic or medical, they include:

  • Inappropriate size of the implants (breast implants are too small or too large)
  • Sagging breasts
  • Feeling that the breasts are no longer proportional to the body
  • Rupture of the breast implants
  • A leak of the breast implant
  • Capsular contracture
  • Silicone granulomas
  • Seroma formation
  • Breast implant discomfort or pain

Dr. Azouz can help you determine the correct course of action for your unique situation. Dr. Azouz is often able to use nonsurgical methods for improving early capsular contractures.

Your Breast Implant Removal Consultation

If you are considering breast implant removal, it is important to talk to a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. David Azouz. He will go over your questions, concerns and discuss options.  Dr. Azouz will discuss key procedures and explain technical plastic surgery terms as below:

What is a total capsulectomy?

A total capsulectomy refers to the complete removal of the scar tissue that forms around the breast implant known as the breast implant capsule.

What is an en-bloc breast implant removal?

An en bloc breast implant removal or explantation refers to removing the breast implant along with its capsule completely together in one “bloc”. 

What happens if breast implants are not replaced?

Many patients are worried that their breasts will look deflated or saggy once the implants are removed. Dr. Azouz uses specialized techniques to restore the breasts to a full, perky state through a procedure known as a breast lift or mastopexy.  A breast lift can be performed at the same time as a breast implant removal or exchange. 

Will I need a lift after my implants are removed?

Many patients will require a breast lift after breast implants are removed.  A breast lift does not necessarily need to add scarring to the breast and Dr. Azouz performs a variety of breast lift incisions including:

Mini lift (crescentic mini mastopexy)

Lollipop lift ( around the areola and a verticle component)

Inframammary plication (an incision only placed in the inframammary fold)

Anchor lift (full mastopexy around the areola down and across the inframammary fold)

What is the Breast Implant Removal Cost?

The cost of breast implant removal is highly individualized. Dr. Azouz will determine the cost of your breast implant removal surgery during the consultation by performing a physical examination and learning about your medical history, goals, and concerns. If breast implant removal is chosen due to ruptured implants, lumps in the breasts, or infection then insurance may play a role. If you are curious about the insurance options and cost ranges of this or any of the other procedures performed by Dr. Azouz, or contact our office today and come in for an appointment so an individualized price may be provided. 

How is Breast Implant Removal Performed?

Breast implant removal surgery is done to remove implants from a previous augmentation procedure. It corrects breast implant-related issues such as capsular contracture, scar tissue, or rupture, as well as any cosmetic concerns.  Liposuction techniques can also play a role to remove bra fat or to remove silicone collections. Breast implant removal and breast implant revision are usually done under intravenous sedation without the need for surgical drains. 

Dr. Azouz performs breast implant removal at accredited hospitals and centers. He always performs the surgery with the smallest incision possible in order to leave patients with minimal or no scarring. Dr. Azouz often combines this surgery with a small internal breast lift, that is done through a small incision in the lower breast. This helps to make sure the breasts are in a lifted, youthful position without necessarily even replacing the implants. Dr. Azouz uses highly advanced techniques to make the recovery period as quick and pain-free as possible. 

How Long is the Recovery Period After Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is done on an outpatient basis. Meaning you are free to return home and begin recovering the same day. It is normal to experience some swelling for a few weeks. You will be suited with a surgical bra that reduces swelling, improves blood circulation, and promotes healing. The stitches used are generally absorbable and often will not need to be manually removed. You will most likely be back to basic activity and work within a few days.  Any heavy exercise such as marathon running or heavy weight lifting should be avoided for six weeks. Light activity such as the use of the elliptical, jogging and yoga can usually begin after 10-14 days.

So … do I HAVE to change my breast implants?

Not necessarily, some patients who are not having issues with their implants do not have to change their implants.  It is recommended to follow up with a plastic surgeon to assess the implants and breasts regularly for breast screening and examination.  In some patients, a lift can be done around the implants to remove extra skin without removing or altering the implants. Most patients who have had breast augmentation do not have to undergo any other operation for their implants.  It is important to have a good understanding of what breast implants are present and to share your breast implant card with Dr. Azouz at your visit.  

The best breast implants meet medical and industry standards including:

  • Safety and quality in manufacture and commercialization
  • After-sales guarantee and warranty
  • Follow up with a plastic surgeon 
  • FDA approval

For these reasons and more it is critical to see an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. David Azouz when exchanging the breast implant.  Dr. David Azouz is one of the few plastic surgeons who can report over 35 years of experience. Dr. Azouz is highly regarded by his peers and from countless numbers of patients who have left positive and exceptional reviews for his care.  Dr. Azouz is able to listen to you and understand what your questions and concerns are regarding your breast implant removal or exchange.

Are you considering breast implant removal? Call Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. David Azouz today to schedule a consultation. We are committed to the best patient experience and the top plastic surgery results.  You can reach him by phone at (972) 702-8888 or by filling out an online form

Liposuction Recovery with Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Azouz: Everything You Need to Know and More

Considering liposuction?

You are not alone and you likely have friends who have considered and even had liposuction without you knowing.  Liposuction is one of Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. David Azouz’s most popular procedures.  Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the US and is one of the least reported to friends and families.

Can liposuction be performed in consultation?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is not exempt from the risks associated with any surgery. Although liposuction has an incredibly high safety profile, it must be performed according to standardized protocols and guidelines.  Dr. Azouz strives for the best and safest experience for his patients.  Dr. Azouz only operates in accredited operating rooms and hospitals.  Plastic surgeon Dr. David Azouz is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and follows the ethical codes and standards established by the society.

What do I need to know before I have liposuction?

The first and foremost is to find the right plastic surgeon.   A board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. David Azouz has the knowledge and experience in liposuction to perform the surgery effectively and safely.  With your consultation Dr. Azouz will assess the indications, possible contraindications, and areas to be treated.  Dr. Azouz will review expected results, detail the recovery and share before and after pictures from similar patients.

How long is the postoperative period after liposuction?

Dr. Azouz performs liposuction as a day surgery.  Duration of recovery does depend on the amount of fat removed, history of the patient, and duration of surgery.  In general Dr. Azouz performs liposuction under sedation so that a patient does not remember the surgery and is sleeping.  Sedation allows for the patient to be “asleep” but does not involve placing a breathing tube past the vocal cords.  This results in a much more rapid recovery the day of surgery and is associated with a higher safety profile.Dr. Azouz does recommend that you are accompanied postoperatively for the first 12 hours, by a relative or friend. 

Dr. Azouz can arrange for a nurse experienced in plastic surgery care to stay with the patient the night after surgery if they do not have Dallas based friends or family to help them after their plastic surgery.

The first days after liposuction:

After the first postoperative day, your body will begin to recover.  Each patient recovers in his or her own way and a variety of factors affect recovery including:


General health,

Smoking status

Physical fitness before surgery

During the first few days, it is expected to be sore and inflamed but Dr. Azouz focuses on the best enhanced recovery protocols to minimize pain after surgery.  The majority of patients report “soreness” as if they had a major workout rather than pain.  It is common for patients to not take any pain pills or minimal pain pills after liposuction.  Dr. Azouz’s enhanced recovery techniques include:





Tiny incisions that are camouflaged

Use of long acting local anesthetics

Specialized recovery garments

Advanced anesthesia techniques

Plastic surgeon Dr. Azouz recommends that patients stay in their compression for the first few days after surgery. Post-operative girdles and compression help reduce swelling, pain and help define a cosmetic shape.

The first postoperative month

Dr. Azouz will recommend wearing the post-surgical garment continuously and will guide when to remove compression for daily hygiene.  Dr. Azouz recommends guides when to avoid heavy and light activity after liposuction.  Most patients are able to return to light activity such as light cardio, yoga, elliptical and weights between 10 days and 2 weeks after surgery.  Bodybuilders who undergo liposuction and removal of their gynecomastia are able to tone their legs, and biceps, for example, two weeks after surgery in most cases.

A healthy diet can enhance recovery after liposuction with Dr. Azouz in Dallas

Optimal recovery tips include:

1) Eating well- light meats, salads, fruits, and vegetables.

2) A unique hydration schedule designed by Dr. Azouz.

3) Walking between at least 15 and 30 minutes a day and heavy exercise regularly from week six after surgery.

 4) A bowel routine based on natural cathartics such as fruit juices and fiber.

Are you thinking of having liposuction? Call Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. David Azouz today at 972-702-8888.